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Found 26 results

  1. Ok it's in talenttab.dbc and spell.dbc
  2. Hello! Can someone give me a right direction so I could implement my own dynamic world state nodes, like Alterac valley graveyards, Seething shore azerite nodes, and WSG Flag carrier mapping . I got no problems with simple on-zone world states like Resources attached to some zone, but now I'm looking for server or clientside code to link some states to Map and mini map. I have my WorldStateUI.dbc open and made my custom lines but how can I attach them to in-game Map and mini map UI? For example, I see world states when a WS flag in on player but then I can't find that 1545 world state in WorldStateUI.dbc or in server side source code. So where should I dig to find dynamic world state stuff and map/mini map UI ?
  3. Hello everyone, I've been facing a problem for some days now, so before I present my problem, I'll present my situation I'm using TrinityCore for a 3.3.5a client I want to make my server public using only my IP address So what I already did: Port forwarding : I opened my 8085 and 3724 port through my router and I added the UDP/TCP rules for these ports in my Firewall, I'm using W10 I changed my realmlist table, I put the public IP in address and my local address in the local address section I checked that the different port were good at the different .conf files I changed the client realmlist to be my public IP I'm not using DNS service, as I don't need I ran the two services and I checked that 8085, 3724 were opened, 3306 for my DB is also opened Now, when I try to connect, I just fail as if I were trying to connect into some wrong address. When I run local, it works. Can someone please help me with this ? I'm running out of ideas.
  4. I have a dream to make a server in which I can throw models and edit landscape. But I do not know the main nuances: what server client, how to load models like their own and from Bfa for example, or how to make non-standard items? Or at least load the server into an online mode? I hope my English understood?
  5. Hello everyone, I had a question about whether it is possible to rotate a particle, for example if it is a fire that appears from right to left, I would like it to show from left to right. What I have: What I want: Any type of tip or advice, will help a lot. Thanks for reading.
  6. Good day to all. I just have a question... I'm using darker nights 3.3.5 patch and I was wondering if there are any patches or other ways to increase the light range of Lamps, lanterns, fires etc.. Thank you and have a nice day. =)
  7. hi, i'm new in this forum and i have a problem, i've used casc explorer to downport all the 7.3 wmo and m2 from legion and i've used the converter from luzfix to convert them, in mw and noggit they are fine, so i decided to convert my test map to wod 6.2.4, all works fine in the server, ( i can log, play...) but when i try to go in my custom map the loading screen charge like 80% then he stop, and in my worldserver the log file report this Received not handled opcode [CMSG_BATTLE_PAY_GET_PURCHASE_LIST 0x364D (13901)] from [Player: Account: 1] Received not handled opcode [CMSG_BATTLE_PAY_GET_PRODUCT_LIST 0x364C (13900)] from [Player: Account: 1] Received not handled opcode [CMSG_UPDATE_VAS_PURCHASE_STATES 0x3682 (13954)] from [Player: Account: 1] [Player: Account: 1] Client tried to call not implemented method ResourcesService.GetContentHandle({ program: 16974 stream: 1634756212 version: 1701729619 }) Received not handled opcode [CMSG_BATTLE_PAY_GET_PURCHASE_LIST 0x364D (13901)] from [Player: Account: 1] anyone can help me? ps sorry for my bad english
  8. Somebody know about this, because Ive never seen this fitches on RolePlay servers, where it should be so hot musthavy thing. So, how to make NPC's with barrel in hand on shoulder (like in Legion Stormwind Harbour) or for example like on this pic. Any ideas?
  9. Hey guys. so i was looking in game in legion and i saw Sets tab in collection appearances. i would like to collect all item specific itemID or DisplayID do you know where i can find the db2/LUA-XML of it ? it's not itemset.db2
  10. Hi there, I was wondering is the modern glowing outline that NPC's have in Wow since WOD, could be retroported to 3.3.5a, or is there an addon that emulates this effect? Thanks!
  11. First of all, Hello everyone. it's probably a silly question. but i'm working on a community project (will be revealed soon) and i was asking myself a question. is there anyway we could re-organize how .MPQ patches are loaded by the client ? This is the actual structure : common.MPQ > common-2.MPQ > expansion.MPQ > lichking.MPQ > patch.MPQ > patch-2.MPQ > patch-3.MPQ I would like to have a new structure like : common.MPQ > Vanilla.MPQ > TBC.MPQ > Wotlk.MPQ Do anyone has knowledge in this field ? and if possible can help out ?
  12. Who know, how to mod 6.2.3 client. Mb somebody have link to tutorial. I found guide how to convert .adt to WoD, but I don't know how open WoD MPQs and create it with moded files.
  13. Isdir

    Cata ADT's

    Hello, I really need your help. I'm looking for Cata pack with ADT's and else for 3.3.5 if there is one. Some time ago I found this pack, I think on this site, but unfortunately lost the link
  14. Hello again Sometimes some NPCs with waypoints have strange bug. For example, I made guard NPC, who will walking from point A to point B (With 40 points at all) And when he walk on this path, he can stop for a second and move around (like NPC Spawndist) and after he will walk next. Wtf?
  15. Hey guys i have a question.. how to become the pfad of the m2 files from a new creature of legion via DB2 ? I only see numbers in the db files CreatureModelData.db2 and CreatureDisplayInfo... i have the Display ID from wowhead like but now i need the path from this display id in the patch file... finsternis only change exists display ids with a new style but i want to make a new creature display id in the dbc files... i hope anyone can help
  16. Hey-hey) One question. Can I convert every model from latest patch to 3.3.5a with Adspartan Model converter and m2 particles fixer? I thought yes, but I have "client crash" with Cata till MoP converted models (Wildhammer cottages for example) It's crash without error, just client.
  17. Hello can anoyne export Legion Pala Mythic eq to Wotlk? =P and send me link please? =D Thanks in advance
  18. For those who want to report a problem : Tell me on which model(s) you've seen the problem and add screen(s), it help me fixing the problem faster. And please use an external website to upload the screens because each time I upload a new version the screenshots in comments appear in the changelog for some reasons and I have to delete them which also delete them from the comments PS : Thanks a lot to all those who contributed / are contributing to the wiki, I couldn't have done it without this precious source of informations ! ¡Thx! :)
  19. Hi guys! Im new with this about modding and that stuff, so dont be surprise if I do fuck up extremely So, I compiled my server in trinitycore 3.3.5, and I tried to add some races, I follow this tutorial:! But...I fail, in simples steps I did this: 1) I extract the required dbc files from C:\Trinity\Source\bin\Release\dbc and edit them in Talis 2) I extract the luas and xml from the enUS patches and edit them 3) I did the sql files and run them on Heidi on the world dbc 4) I created the patch, with the correct roots, I putted in wow and the edited dbc files in the C:\Trinity\Source\bin\Release\dbc back again 5) But! I run the server and I encounter this errors: (It says: "Error creating character") and in the log of the server I found this: Also, when I start the server it just ignores all the sql I just putt ( Also, I created another sql for creating blood elves warrior, and that one for a reason work...while the others its just being ignored, and in the release directory I found a note "DBErrors" with this text: I have been alredy weeks with this going trough forums withouth any answer, if someone could help I would be really thankfull!
  20. How does one get a .WMO file from WoW? I want to edit .WMO files with Blender although I cannot find a way to get a .WMO file in the first place to then start learning with the .WMO tutorials on I am working with 1.12.1 Classic WoW, I tried using WMOEditor although it seems that it not work with 1.12.1 Classic WoW. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?
  21. First question: is it possible to copy only the terrain, texture and objects (m2,wmo) from ADT files without the DBC reffering on that i mean delete lights, musics, areaID-s transport ID-s. etc. All is i need the raw terrain. Second question: Is it possible to have a name of territory three times in the DBC database with different reffering to music. For example: I want to own 2 continents, each continent has an elwyn forest. I would like to change the sky one of copy but i don't want to change the others version. I think its possible because in draenor and in outland there is "nagrand" with the same name and different reffering to music.
  22. Im working on a great release for you guys because of much help, I want to upload whole dalaran with detached parts each house, wall and tower without the ground. before i make all the stuff i wanted to test if it works and i did it well because i bumped into problem.As you can see i detached in blender this bigger part of the city and i want to make further slices from this what you can see on the picture.BUT i have a problem How to solve this problem? I also include the blender picture.with interiors. In the picture from outside i cant see the interior and i see through the model when i try to go inside i crash to desktop.Anybody? Edit: I also tried to took parts from instances and put it into noggit but i got crash when i go near my custom WMO-s (i put it into outdoor which was instance wmo part)
  23. Is there a tutorial for creating new races and classes? If there is no, you could make a tutorial for beginners?
  24. How does one create custom designed Non-Player Characters in World of Warcraft?
  25. I am trying to create custom buildings for some builds I plan to release to the public but these buildings are not appearing in Model Viewer, I have had working custom building wmos before but lost the knowledge on how I use to go about getting them to work. I use the Mirror Machine method and am converting them from .Obj to .Wmo. Here are the settings I use in Blender when I export. I am almost certain they are the cause of my problem.