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Found 87 results

  1. Version 0.0.1


    Alpha Pack Download Link : Includes : Patch-C : Creature & Textures Patch-I : Item Cata-Mop-WoD Patch-L : Item Legion 7.0.1 > 7.1.5 (Not Fully Added in dbc) Patch-W : Buildings Patch-H : HD Pack (HD Pack Required For 3D Belt) Credits to Thrind Server Side : DBC Server Side : Item_Template SQL -- Update 1 : Added : Spell.dbc (enGB, frFR, enUS) Added : SqlScript.sql Added : Patch-enGB-4.MPQ (Spell for enGB client) Added : Patch-enUS-4.MPQ (Spell for enUS client) Added : CoreScript - Transmog Script for 3D Belt - SpellGeneric.cpp Added : Readme. -- Update 2 : Added Sql for Legion Artifact Weapons PS : Looking for extra hands to work with me on this project. -- Update 3 update Patch-enGB-4/Patch-frFR-4/Patch-EnUS-4 Updated Spell.dbc brings 314 New Compagnon list here : -- Update 4 Patch-W Should no more cause the game to have green texture in some place of azeroth. Say Thanks also help me continue the project ! The Goal : I'm aiming to help every new and old server to get a decent content. Patches won't be encrypted. A Community Top Site will be launched. A Community Launcher is in preparation (in c#) A Community DBC Files Checker is in preparation (so we see if your server is compatible) the idea is that all server / player use this client as a base. and server would only make download their custom maps if they have one. Join the retrolution :
  2. I've spent the past few weeks working on a tool that makes editing LightIntBand.dbc so much easier. You can get it here, along with instructions: And you can get the source here:
  3. Version 1.01


    There are generic .dbc editors available, but they are absolutely not geared towards being good for editing specific .dbc files, the first one I came across being LightIntBand.dbc. So I decided to make a program that is much easier to use, intuitive, and gives you an idea of what your changes will look like. Made with Delphi community edition. Should work on XP, will definitely work on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. Github repository: It's very simple to use. Here are the steps: 1. Much of the interface is disabled when first run. To enable it, click on File -> Load... -> Select LightIntBand.dbc 2. Now the interface will appear, after freezing for a couple seconds. That's normal, the tree list of all the records just takes a short while to be populated due to all the records present. 2a. If you want to add new records, make sure the tree list is selected, and press the insert key. 2b. If you want to remove records, make sure a node is selected, and press the delete key. 3. Select a record from the list. There is a text box above it where you can enter an ID to go straight to that record. 4. The two text boxes above the 16 GUI entries on the right show the ID of the currently selected record, and the number of entries that will be processed by the client. 5. To change the number of entries that will be processed, click on the text box to the right with the drop-down arrow, and pick a number from the list. 6. To keep your changes, click on the Apply button. Note: This does not save the changes to the file. 7. To save the changes to a file, click on File -> Save... -> Save as LightIntBand.dbc -- There shouldn't be any bugs, as I've tested extensively. If any appear, please report them with as much detail as possible.
  4. Hey guys, i was wondering if this swap was possible and if anyone could give me a heads up on how to if it's possible. Cheers and thanks
  5. Hi! I´ve never had to do with game modding but the work of Finsternis and Uthil has given me something and i´m learning! So what am i trying to do? As the title says, i`m backporting weapons from BFA/Legion to Wotlk more or less successfully. What steps have i reached until now? 1. extracted .m2, .blp, .skin files, particle textures (found in the m2. file with 010 editor) from WOW data successfully 2. converted the .m2 file with aspartans m2 converter 3. (VARIANT 1) changed the names of the new .m2, .blp and .skin files to names of an old Weapon i found in itemdisplay.dbc. So an an old weapon was overwritten with the new weapon 4. packed everything in a custom mpq patch and added that patch to 3.3.5a data folder. 5. I use dmorph for wotlk ( ) to display the Weapons on my character 6. Its working without any problems! So whats the matter? I dont wanna overwrite old Items with the new ones - (VARIANT 2) I want to add the new Weapons to the game without overwriting any items. So i extraced the item.dbc and itemdisplayinfo, added new ItemID`s, added the new Weapons with their original Names (also changed the m2, blp and skin files in my patch to that) and packed that in the patch. So everything works again, EXCEPT ONE THING: When the weapon is steathed on back or is held in hand its OK! But when i enter combat, its animated like my character fights unarmed. the Weapon is still shown on back and handheld but autoattacks are animated like unarmed "swings". Skill attacks, like Crusader Strike or Divine Storm animation use the Weapon as it should be, only autoattack animations are affected. So is there anything else to edit in the dbc files or anything else like that i have forgotten to do for Variant 2? M2 Files should be OK, because otherwise they won´t work in Variant 1 dbc files don´t contain swing animations as i know I Hope someone can help me, maybe then there´s gonna be a patch release one day with all Artifact weapons for wotlk Greetings Asystol EDIT: Renamed the title of that topic so ppl, who are looking for things like that (seen many forum entries searching for legion weapons and so on) have an easier way to find.
  6. Version 2


    Hello there little whelps, I used to use patch made by one guy from Ownedcore which included all M2s and WMOs existing in WoW turned into spawnable gameobjects. That means that you can simply search for model name in game and you will always find gob you can spawn. Its just great thing for gob spammers, I know, but problem is that patch from Ownedcore is just horrible in my opinion. It contains a LOT of completely unneeded objects and displayIDs and also is full of displayIDs with messed up bounding boxes (all copied from one blizzlike one), which leads into gobs lootable from 50yd distances an another funny results. So I made my own patch. Here is MPQ patch, DBC file and SQL dump (for TrinityCore2 revisions after WDBVerified column was renamed to VerifiedBuild). I tryed to make this completely noob-friendly so if you want to use this patch, you don't need to know anything about MPQ patches or DBC files, you just need to know the very basics of running TrinityCore2 server. READ README file. You will find how-to guide there. All gobs with custom displayIDs have [AmPatch] placed behind their postfixes and have entrys 410000 and higher. Their displayIDs are 10000 and higher, meaning that every gob has displayID=entry-400000. Good for searching for displayIDs. Version 1 - light pack This version contains all M2s and WMOs from World and Spell folders as spawnable gameobjects. Others were excluded, because majority of them just can't be used as gobs (they have no hardcoded textures for example - they are white completely ingame). Version 2 - full pack This pack contains really ALL M2s, even character, item, creature... And its needless to say that most of such things are completely useless as gobs. But someone still may preffer this version. If you want to create your own gob patch, you may use my tool I've released. It doesn't give you possibility to filter which gobs you can use, but it works. You will want to use this tool if you are retro-porting models or creating custom ones (in general, if you want to have gobs made of models which are not in blizzlike WotLK client).
  7. This is my collection of five animated login screens with custom music. A random screen will be chosen each time you launch WoW. DOWNLOAD Features Five animated login screens with music that are chosen at random. Dead King’s Crypt The Tauren Chieftains Battle at the Dark Portal Arcadia Algalon the Observer You can adjust how often a specific screen appears by editing the random value range. I currenly have Dead King’s Crypt loading 60% of the time because it’s my favorite. If you want one screen to show every time, just set the rand = X where X is a number in the range of the screen you want in x_vars_init. Trivia These were created manually because the Mordred tool wasn’t compatible with my other login screen modifications, and I wasn’t interested in trying to make it compatible at the time. For some reason, no matter what I did, the bassist in the Tauren Chieftains would not position correctly, so I added a crate to the scene to make it appear like he had his foot on it. \m/ ---------- - StygianCore - My WoW Projects - GitHub
  8. Hello everyone! I have recently started importing buildings from newer expansions to wotlk and I have had some success however there are still some textures missing and I have no idea where to find them ? I'm going to show you some pictures of object's textures that I can't find. These green flames should not be here and with my knowledge green texture like these means that there's just something missing ? Here is another picture: As you can see in this picture, it looks like my mom's cooking ( I'm kidding. My mom's cooking is amazing ) and i do not want this ewwww texture! ? So Here comes my question and I guess you already knew what I was going to ask... Where can i find these missing textures? Now before you say: "Lol why don't you search for it at its expansion folder blah blah" "Did you get all the textures from dungeons and textures etc..." Because I almost added everything in my custom patches ( I didn't add everything ) I have all Cata, Panda, Wod and legion objects given by our mighty saviour @Poisonleaf ( I salute you, sir or Ma'am ) And you are probably thinking "wow you must be noob if you can't find it" Well I'm glad we all know I'm noob now soooo... Can anyone assist me in finding these missing textures. Thank you for your time and your patience to read this! Happy Modding ? L.
  9. Trinity Item Creator [3.3.5] (Open source)What this application can do Save item as *.sql Copy query to clipboard Import to database Save/Load custom templates Load premade templates DisplayID finder Stats generator Reset all fields Make item.dbc What can you do?Help us maintain the application with latest trinitycore database structure and keep features functional by reporting any issue or request on our github issue tracker [here]. Available LinksOpen source repositoryLatest downloadable version Thanks Sdyees, Freddan962 for contribution
  10. We're a custom progressive realm from Vanilla to Wotlk running TrinityCore 3.3.5. We offer features like Classless, Highrisk, Stat Allocation, Random Enchants, Customizable Racials, Free for All PvP. Here you can see our UI and that the systems are functional! We were originally a Guild on Project Ascension but displeased with the management we decided to create our own server and as you might have guessed that's where most of our inspiration came from. We've tweaked a lot of features, added new ones and made a lot of balance changes. Our servers are not open to players yet but we have about 650ish people in our Discord so there is some proof of interest! If you want more information about us feel free to read through the Information Channels in our Discord! We're currently looking for Developers with experience in C++ and TrinityCore, please contact Xecc or Hermes if you're interested / have any questions!
  11. nvm, i figured out a solution
  12. Hello guys i would like to ask if someone can backport Kargath Bladefist WoD model to Warchief Kargath Bladefist model for 3.3.5! Edit: Someone made a patch for that so here it is Patch-U.MPQ
  13. Legitdeadeye


    Hello everyone. I am back with yet another question =) I just want to ask where the file is for the clouds in Azeroth (Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms) I would like to change the clouds but I struggle to find the correct cloud file. Any assistance will be appreciated. Thank you and have a great week! Legit.
  14. Attempting to completely convert the content of these zones, as close as possible to the blizzlike. Raid: Firelands Mogushan Palace Throne of the Four Winds Dungeon: Well of Eternity Halls of Origination Lost City of the Tol'vir The Vortex Pinnacle The Maelstrom Battleground: Twin Peaks Temple of Kotmogu The Battle for Gilneas Arena: Tol'viron Arena The Tiger's Peak Artifacts Legion My list converting dbc structure Legion and Mop to client 3.3.5a Achievement.dbc Achievement_Category.dbc Achievement_Criteria.dbc AreaGroup.dbc AreaPOI.dbc AreaTable.dbc AreaTrigger.dbc BattlemasterList.dbc CharacterFacialHairStyles.dbc CharHairGeosets.dbc CharSections.dbc CharTitles.dbc ChatChannels.dbc ChrRaces.dbc CreatureDisplayInfo.dbc CreatureDisplayInfoExtra.dbc CreatureModelData.dbc CreatureSoundData.dbc CurrencyTypes.dbc DungeonMap.dbc DungeonMapChunk.dbc EmotesTextSound.dbc Faction.dbc FactionTemplate.dbc GameObjectDisplayInfo.dbc GemProperties.dbc GroundEffectDoodad.dbc GroundEffectTexture.dbc HolidayNames.dbc Item.dbc ItemDisplayInfo.dbc ItemExtendedCost.dbc ItemSet.dbc ItemVisualEffects.dbc ItemVisuals.dbc Light.dbc LightFloatBand.dbc LightIntBand.dbc LightParams.dbc LightSkybox.dbc LiquidMaterial.dbc LiquidObject.dbc LiquidType.dbc LoadingScreens.dbc Map.dbc MapDifficulty.dbc NPCSounds.dbc ObjectEffect.dbc ObjectEffectGroup.dbc ObjectEffectPackage.dbc ParticleColor.dbc PvpDifficulty.dbc ScalingStatDistribution.dbc SoundAmbience.dbc SoundEmitters.dbc SoundEntries.dbc SpellIcon.dbc SpellItemEnchantment.dbc SpellVisual.dbc SpellVisualEffectName.dbc Talent.dbc WMOAreaTable.dbc WorldMapArea.dbc WorldMapContinent.dbc WorldMapOverlay.dbc WorldMapTransforms.dbc WorldSafeLocs.dbc WorldStateUI.dbc WorldStateZoneSounds.dbc ZoneIntroMusicTable.dbc ZoneMusic.dbc My way converting dbc: 1. dbc>sql 2. manually compare dbc mop - wotlk 3. converting sql to csv 4. csv to dbc left to finish: - server part - full spell.dbc 5.4 > 3.3.5а Patch size almost 2GB
  15. In these videos I'll demonstrate how to make good-looking maps, sharing some tips and tricks I've gathered from my experience with Noggit. Check my YT channel for more!
  16. Version 1.0.0


    I wanted the ground effects from Legion 7.1 as I already had the NODXT converted to wotlk, all I needed was the DBC files so I could use them in WOTLK. This is the DBC from Legion 7.1 Ground effects Doodad and Ground Effects Texture converted down to WOTLK(3.3.5) so you can use the groundeffects from the Cata+ Expansions. I tested with the Lost Isle map which I converted with Adspartans converter and it worked. If you convert a map down from Cata or Higher, and have these 2 dbc files in your clients DBFilesClient folder and your server DBC folder. The groundeffects for those maps that you converted will show up in-game without you having to edit anything.
  17. After renaming all Goblin .blp's, .anim's and .m2's to Human and changing the models of the latter to 831 & 832 (the Goblin male and female models) in CreatureDisplayInfo.dbc, it turns out everything works fine except their heads, which as seen in the pictures below, are either black or are using the texture of another race. How do textures in World of Warcraft become black and how could I fix this particular error? PS: My patch: patch-4.mpq EDIT: I have also tried swapping Forest and Ice Trolls with some other default races and they all work just fine. Upon further research, I've noticed their texture files seem to include both "FaceLower" and "FaceUpper", which the Goblins do not have. And that simply implies the Trolls do have faces whereas the Goblins do not, hence why they appear this way in-game. To resolve the issue now, I would require the Goblin faces, but there are absolutely none to begin with. Everything to do with the Goblins can only ever be found in Common.MPQ and Common2.MPQ, yet none of that comes with their faces. Where could I obtain them from?
  18. Version 1.1


    m2 files from BfA (alpha) to wotlk in rar Tutorial: -extract files -import world folder to patch.mpq (sorry for my bad english)
  19. Hello I am looking for an ergonomic (simple to use) .WMO and .M2 viewer like WoW Model Viewer but it will not crash on a 3.3.5. World of Warcraft client. I am looking for a simple model viewer that does not need to be compiled and other complex requirements. Ideally the model viewer just asks for data location directories and comes with an .exe file included. Also I am using windows if that helps; are there any suggestions? I know that there was this really good model viewer I used in the past that had 3.3.5. support with .WMO and .M2 support but my older computer is dead and I forgot which program it was. I obtained it from one of the helpful community members here I think?
  20. Version 2.0


    ItemSync is tool for keeping your Item.dbc up to date with your server's database. It can also insert items which are n DBC, but are missing in database, into database. This can come in very handy for mass-importing NPC-only items (like glaives for sentinels and so on) into database, so players can use them as well. For tutorial how to use this tool, compatibility and other useful info, check README in repository. Repo: Credits: Barncastle (and people who helped him) - for WDBXLib for DBC/DB2 and code revision&suggestions. Kaev for some small yet very useful tips about WPF. Смердокрыл for DO STUFF(tm) button suggestion.
  21. Version 1.0


    Version 2.0 is under development at the moment. Repo: Upcoming features: Change UI to WPF Provide configuration options via XML (thus extending compatibility) Direct DBC editing (without need of conversions to CSV) Include features ensuring avoidance of duplicate display and gameobject creation Extend possibilities of choosing what gets generated and what not Video tutorial: Yet another little tool from me. This one creates gamobject displayIDs and template gameobjects out of listfile, which means that it can create thousands of gameobjects in a few seconds - great for projects making their custom models and retro-porting them from newer expansions. Listfile can be anything containing full paths to files separated by line breaks. It creates gameobjects only for M2 and WMO files, others are ignored. Tool also generates template gameobjects with their model names as names (and optional prefix/postfix), which means that generated models are easily recognisible and that when you find nice-looking model in WMV and want to use it for spawn or for creating some gameobject you need, you can find that gameobject's template generated version just by typing its name into lookup command. This makes this tool viable even for usage on models which already are in WotLK client, as it makes life of spawners much, much easier. - Generate your GameobjectDisplayInfo's CSV file and put it into directory where GobGenerator is. - Get or create a listfile. The easiest way of doing so is simply creating an MPQ with all models you want to have gameobjects made of and just extracting its listfile. Note that you can also use listfiles of blizzlike MPQs, if you want to generate gameobjects for all blizzlike models as well. - Open GobGenerator. Select input listfile (you can also type into model path field, which makes using larger number of listfiles with similiar names in the same path very easy). - Fill in your database credentials. You may want to test a connection before proceeding. - Start displayID is being taken from your GameobjectDisplayInfo.dbc (its 1 higher than the highest ID found in DBC). If you happen to see value 1 here, something is really wrong and check if your CSV is OK and in GobGenerator's directory. - Start entry is by default 400000 and I'd suggest you to keep it that way. There are some gobs on 300000+ entries in blizzlike TC2 DB, thats why I've used 400000. Final entry of generated gameobject will be start entry + gob's displayID. This means that gob with displayID 96835 will have entry 496835 - and that can be sometimes very handy. - Fill in prefixes and postfixes of gob names. Don't forget to add space behind prefix and in front of postfix, if you want to have it there. Gob's name will be prefix + its model name + postfix. So, if you choose "[Gen] " as prefix and " [DO NOT EDIT]" as postfix, result gob name might be something like "[Gen] mymodel.m2 [DO NOT EDIT]". - By default INSERT queries are being used, which means that if any gameobject entry is already taken in DB, it will result in error. You can choose REPLACE, which will overwrite whatever might be on entries where gameobjects are to be put. - Done, click on generate. If you have multiple listfiles, just select the 2nd one and click on generate again and so on. - If anything goes wrong while SQL queries are being executed, those which weren't successful are being held in a backup file. There is also a file which keeps all possible SQL errors. Thats all, C# src is, as always, included, and DBC to CSV convertor DBCUtil I use for this kind of quick tasks as well. If you happen to find any critical bug, let me know, but I don't really have a spare time to make source nicer or something like that, so report really only issues with functionality itself.
  22. Version 1.2


    Version 2.0 is under development at the moment. Repo: Upcoming features: Change UI to WPF Provide configuration options via XML (thus extending compatibility) Direct DBC editing (without need of conversions to CSV) Include support of items held in hand A tool for generating CreatureDisplayInfo.dbc, CreatureDisplayInfoExtra.dbc and optionally creature_model_info and creature_template data for a character created in WMV. How to use: - Convert your up to date CreatureDisplayInfo.dbc and CreatureDisplayInfoExtra.dbc to CSVs and place them into the folder with this tool. - Open a WMV. Create your character, and save it as .chr file (F7 hotkey). Also save its texture (by using File>Export Model>X3D... option you'll get texture you want and some mess you can delete). Repeat this step for each character you want to create creature displayID for. - Open an NPCGenerator. Fill database connection credentials (you need to do so even if you turn off creature_model_info and creature_template generation, because NPCGenerator will need to get item display IDs from your database). - Now just click on Select .chr file, select your .chr file. Click on Select texture, select your character's texture. Check if there's anything else in window you'd like to change (you'll probably find yourself using all other options with their default values). Click on Generate. Repeat for each character. - ?? - Profit. C# src is included. I'm opened to suggestions and feedback, however, I'm quite busy so I'll probably just fix critical bugs if you find any.
  23. Hi guys new here. Im trying to make a spell which would allow players to spawn and despawn a campfire object in WotLK. I know how to edit spell.dbc, Does any1 know how to make such a thing?? Basically: player uses spell ~> spawns campfire on cursor -> it`s permanent until server restart (can`t spawn more than 1) ~> if player uses spell again it will despawn. Thx in advance to everyone.
  24. Hey guys i hope u enjoy it! Anduin and Anduin's Horse Mount Hyena Worked and testet Hyena Mounts! Icons also included UPDATE: New Dinosaur Lightforged Elekk Pigman New Engineering Mount Vulpera Pirate Senix
  25. Version 1.0.0


    This is the female Vulpera pirate ported to 3.3.5 as a test. Patch-V.mpq