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Found 15 results

  1. Some time ago I had a 010 template that I used to make a small change to the bone scaling of an M2. As best as I can figure, and based on one of the models I changed previously, the template I used parsed through the entire M2, including the animation blocks located after the main part of the m2 (beyond the camera data). I've tried my best to find out where I got the template from, to no avail. And the backups I currently have of them do not do what I need them to. Does anyone have a 010 template for M2s that handles the animation blocks they'd be willing to share?
  2. Hello guys =D I wanna help with MoP Char screen, Troll/gnome char screens in Wotlk. I have new computer and I dont know how to do it =D Can someone help me with that? =D Thanks in advance
  3. Heyho, yesterday Skarn told me about the little conversation that some of you had about paying developers and stuff like that. In my opinion it isn't like that we (read as: developers) aren't motivated because we want to get money for our stuff. Many people actually want to create useful tools for the modding and/or emulation scene, but just don't have good ideas or the needed experience for projects they could do. But that's a point where you could bring your ideas in! Tell us which software would make your life much easier. It doesn't matter if you would like to see a launcher, a renaming tool, a tool which will automate a process or a CASC editor. Just tell us what you need. I'll list every requested software in this post. Let's hope that some developer out there can fulfill your wish. Edit: I'm not as active as i'm used to be, that's why probably some ideas are missing and/or not linked. Our requests: .db2 editor (cata-legion) (requested by Skarn) CASC editor (requested by Skarn) M2 plugin for 3D Software (e.g. Blender) supporting animations (in developement by Koward) (requested by Skarn) Zone light editor (requested by Skarn) Continent creator (requested by Skarn) Visual DBC editor (e.g. placing POI on map, talent trees and so on) (requested by Skarn) Visual editor for editing login screen and character creation (requested by Poisonleaf) DBC to SQL and SQL to DBC tool (requested by sshroud) Spell editor (cata) (requested by Смердокрыл) WMO editor (requested by Смердокрыл) All-in-one-texture tool for armors (requested by Alastor Strix'Efuartus) Advanced MySQL editor (requested by Amaroth) ADT, M2 & WMO Legion to WoD (requested by MrXJKz) WBD5 format (DB2) (from Legion or WoD) to CSV (with structures) (requested by MrXJKz) Automatic downgrade Itemdisplayinfo, TextureFileData, Filedata from Legion to WoD and WotLk (requested by MrXJKz) Texture searcher for M2, WMO, etc. (requested by MrXJKz) HoTS and Overwatch Blender Add-on (requested by MrXJKz) .phys enabler from Legion to WoD (requested by MrXJKz) Visual Database Editor like Truice (requested by Amaroth) (I obviously don't list something like "a good, working map editor", because that's something that everyone wants to have.. )
  4. Hey Guys, I am looking for the Arathi Warfront for 3.3.5a I tried it on my own but it won't work I would really appreciate it if someone could provide the ADTs and WMOs for it. Thank you very much
  5. Hello people, I would like to ask if it is possible someone provide a download link with an early version of the [Item] folder of BfA since I haven't an installed version of retail game at the moment available. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey guys im looking for BFA beta client any of this builds from 26806 to 27089 I will be very thankful if some one upload it or send it at pm
  7. hello guys some1 has a working zandalari troll 3.3.5a vers? with armor support? i would love your hlep thanks
  8. Basically im looking for a good 010 script that is able to convert models up to legion Similar to how allistor's script does the opposite effect as in makeing the specific m2 model be able to work in legion instead Any Help would be much appreciated p.s thanks
  9. Hiya, I'm wondering if anyone has any classic MoP objects Retro ported to 3.3.5a that they are willing to share. Mostly looking for iconic scenery, Rocks, tree, plants & Faction tents. Thanks in advance. Poison.
  10. Heya MC So I've been trying a few different "darker nights patches" for vanilla wow, but they all seem to have the same problem and I really don't know if this can be fixed, but I thought that this site would be the best place to ask. The problem is that the darker nights mod doesn't seem to affect places such as Orgrimmar, Battlegrounds, Dungeons, Raids etc. So for example, while in Durotar it can be pitch dark, but in Orgrimmar it will still look bright as if it was day. Another thing is weather changing, like whenever it starts to rain or snow it removes the darker night effects and these problems kinda ruins the whole thing for me. Now, I do not have any knowledge regardning any of this however I think it has something to do with the "skyboxes" or whatever it's called, being different in each zone and each weather has its own skybox, so maybe a darker night effect has to be applied for each skybox. (I don't know). I was wondering if anyone here could be interested in making a patch that would apply darker nights everywhere in WoW for patch 1.12.1. I personally don't want it to be pitch dark nights, but just slightly darker would be perfect. - Less is more concept. Cheers and thanks in advance! TL;DR: read bolded text.
  11. The game actually has a model for the Warcraft 3 era Pre-TFT Steam Tank in the Vanilla Dwarf character creation screen. There is a ruined one in the game. but the only intact one is in the character creation screen. I'd be really thankful if someone could rip this out of the character creation model, and turn it into a standard doodad for 3.3.5.
  12. Hello! First of all, I just found this site and I must say that I'm really amazed by all these projects! You guys are really creative and skillfull - so keep up the good job! Anyway, I play on a vanilla private server and I really like the old models as they give me this "nostalgic feeling", however I wouldn't mind if spell animations were updated/improved to look like the animations from the newer WoW, such as MoP, WoD or even Legion. I know that @Uthil has improved spell animations implemented in his "Improved models for 1.12"-project, however I would really like to keep the old models. I would like to know if anyone could make a "Improved spell animations for 1.12"-project. Unfortunatly I can't offer you guys anything really, other than my sincerest thanks, but I believe a project like this would be appreciated by a lot of people. Thanks in advance!
  13. I'm currently working on tool capable of adding records to DBC's CSV versions (I am not that far to work directly with DBC, I will take a look at that later). I have already gameobject displayID (and template gameobject with that displayID) generator. Now I want to work on creature models. I will need to work with: world.creature_template world.creature_model_info creaturedisplayinfo.dbc creaturemodeldata.dbc And here comes my problem, with the last DBC. I am simply not sure what are some (in fact most of) fields in it for, or how the hell they work. SizeClass, ModelScale, Footprints and in fact most of other following fields. Can someone who really does understand this DBC take some time and fill me up with as many details as possible? And please, guys, no theories. If you want to be smartasses and say things you don't have confirmed and are just assuming by taking look at page I linked, save both your and my time, I need real confirmed information from people who are really experienced with this and have tryed something I probably haven't before on their own. This DBC is kinda weird, because for example ModelScale seems to be absolutely ignored and values in collision boxes and so on seem to be absolutely useless as well to me, because leaving them blank just... never seemed to hurt anything. In fact, one of few fields I have ever needed to really use was path to model, obviously, but the rest just seem to not be used or can be set in different DBCs. Just strange.
  14. Hello, Model Changing. I really need some help. I know we have quite some members who attempt or already successfuly mod WoD. I have currently faced a problem that there are no WoW.exe with GLUE/XML check removed for version 6.2.4. I also received some questions about it from our and Modcraft's users but could not help. So, I want to ask you guys if someone has it to share it publicly on MCnet. The help would be appreciated. I would not mind other things that you might be using for WoD modding, but that's up to you. Thank you in advance from me and other people who are interested in having this file.
  15. Hey! The word "request" might be too harsh here. Its more of a pleading for someone to make a complete (from scratch to finish) up-to-date (I guess not using taliis) tutorial on making, editing and installing a custom map in noggit (sdl 1.4, which is the latest, I think), with screenshots and links. I hope someone reads this and goes "Oh, why didn't I think of it myself?!" and suddenly writes a beautiful tutorial I described.