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Found 76 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    most if not all BFA tilesets 8.1.5+, not including new wsg yet.
  2. Hello, my name is James but I usually go by Aumex. I wanted to release my old repack for you all. This said repack contains a plethora of Creature downports ranging from Shadowlands to Cata to 3.3.5. There isn't all weapons and shields, but there's a random amount from each expansion. It was mainly just ones I thought were cool. There's some game objects as well, just random ones. Bunches of mounts made as spells, vendors placed in the starting/mall area thingy I thought was interesting. I don't quite remember much else' The patches are inside and available for opening. It comes with its Portable SQL and No there isn't a source included, also will not be selling it. I hope everyone can enjoy some part of it at least' Have fun! Also I posted here because it wouldn't let me select "Releases" So I wasn't sure on that part.
  3. There are actually quite a lot of people who keep having problems just because of either outdated server side maps, or because they can't extract them with modified client properly. So, I've written this tutorial. I know that my way of doing this thing may be rather unclean and someone might point out that those are not things one is supposed to do, BUT they prevent from happening absolutely all kinds of errors and mistakes I've ever encountered so far. TC extractors seem to be not very well written for modded clients, at least they used to be very bad whenever it came to extracting custom stuff. 1 - What are they for? maps - Maps are here to let server know where are map tiles and which area IDs are on them (and where). Its possible that they contain even more data (I honestly don't know), but this is the most important basics we commonly need maps for. vmaps - Vector maps are here mostly to let server know where are WMOs and their interiors. This gives server possibility to prevent NPCs from attacking players they clearly can't see, for example, NPCs from building's basement won't attack player when he's just going around building. They are just optional, but highly recommended to have. mmaps - Movement maps are here to give server information about collisions, so it can make NPCs move in optimal cases only though paths which would be reachable by player as well. So, basically, instead of just jumping on 10yd high rock, they try to find a way up on it. Again, optional, but in most cases good to have. So, in general, when you don't have up-to-date map files for your custom zones, NPCs can behave in a really buggy and weird way, but what also can't work properly are custom graveyards, fishing loots, who lists, general chats and more area based stuff like that. 2 - Getting extractors First of all, determine, which maps you want to have on your server. Only maps are really essential, vmaps and mmaps are optional. All 3 maps can be about 2,5-2,7GB big, if you choose to use just maps, they will get much smaller. If you are using repack, you most likely get extractors (or otherwise it sucks even more hard, than most of repacks do) with it. If you've compiled your own core, you should be able to find extractors in folder to which your server binaries were generated. You should get mapextractor.exe, mmaps_generator.exe, vmap4extractor.exe, vmap4assembler.exe from there. If you use a repack and don't have extractors there, find another repack or compile your own core. Using extractors from different revisions of TC might work for you, but it also may not and I can't recommend you to do so. If you have compiled your own core and you don't have extractors, you have most likely disabled their compilation in CMake. Enable them there (they are usually in TOOLS) and re-compile your TC. 3 - Preparation I highly recommend to copy your WoW client and make client which will serve only for extracting server side stuff. We'll kinda break some things here and our modified client might even stop working. Otherwise at least make backups of all MPQ's you will edit. Put all 4 extractors into WoW's root directory (where WoW.exe is located). Go to your Data directory. Make sure there are only following MPQs: common, common-2, expansion, lichking, patch, patch-2, patch-3. Delete (or move out) all other (custom) MPQs you may have there. Now, normally you should be able to put your stuff into patch-4, but I've already encountered situation when extractors cleverly detected my client as WotLK client and happily ignored patch-4. So, I would recommend you to put all your custom stuff (models, ADTs, WDTs, everything you have in your custom patches) into patch-3. If you are going to use patch-3.mpq, open it and go to Operations menu, choose Change Hash Table Size and increase it to maximum. Otherwise your stuff likely won't fit in it. There's one more thing you need to do here, in case you have edited any blizzlike maps. What I've encountered in past was that extractors were using blizzlike WDT files (and ADTs in them), while completely ignoring my own custom version of that WDT saved in patch-3. Having multiple versions of map in different MPQs also led commonly to extracting data from outdated versions. So, to make really absolutely sure that extractors will actually read your and not blizzlike stuff and stuff which is up-to-date, you need to do one of the following, depending on what kind of edits you did. If you have...: ... only edited a few ADTs of a continent, just place them into World/Maps/(mapname)/ folder into MPQ where blizzlike version of those ADTs is. ... edited WDT of that continent to make it bigger/smaller, extract all blizzlike ADTs and WDT of that continent, delete them from blizzlike MPQs, merge them with your custom and edited ones, delete any ADTs you have deleted if you have deleted any from original map (so you will make one big folder with ALL data of that map which is up-to-date, with both unedited ADTs and all ADTs you have edited) and put it into patch-3. ... completely deleted all data of some blizzlike map to make wholly new one on its ID, just delete all blizzlike files of that map (even if blizzlike version was in patch-3 itself!), put yours into patch-3 and you're done. The last thing you need to do is to go to your locale folder in Data folder (enGB, enUS, ruRU, deDE... whatever you have) and open the second last locale MPQ there (patch-enGB-3, patch-enUS-3...). Put all your edited DBCs into its DBFilesClient folder. 4 - Extraction itself Go to WoW's root folder, open Wordpad and enter into it the following: vmap4extractor.exe md vmaps md mmaps vmap4assembler.exe Buildings vmaps pause Save it as whatever with .bat extension, like "extract_vmaps.bat" into WoW's root folder. Now run mapextractor.exe. When its done, run your .bat file you have created. When that is done, run mmapextractor.exe. Ofc, if you don't want to use mmaps or even vmaps at all, skip last or last two steps. If this is not the first time you are creating server-side maps (you are re-generating/updating them), I HIGHLY recommend deleting ALL old server-side maps and completely replacing them with new ones, so no old files remain there. Thats all, copy/upload your maps, vmaps and mmaps folders to your server's data folder and everything should work fine and be up-to-date. A little note: the newest version of TC2 seems to be working with some new server side files, called cameras. They are supposed to be extracted with maps. If thats what your extractor's have created, just put them into server's data folder as well ofc.
  4. I'm trying to retro port spell visual effects from later expansions, but with little success. I'm using the LegionToWotLK converter from this website to convert the spell .m2 files. However, it doesn't seem to properly convert the spell .m2, nor is it able to convert the .skin file. The only spell visual I was able to get working properly is Warlock's Fel Flame from Cataclysm. I see other people have 010 script files for converting .m2 / .skin files, but all those sources are old and the links are dead. Is there anyone who can tell me how to convert the Legion .m2 / .skin spell visual effect files to 3.3.5? Possibly offer me the 010 editor scripts for the .m2 / .skin files. Thanks in advance.
  5. Version 0.5


    Here is a map i've been working on for the past 6+ months, it is an island scrapped in legion called "Thal'dranath". It was on the Broken Isles map for the first few builds of the legion alpha until it was removed, and was never seen again. I need zone name suggestions! Please either comment some or DM me on discord some! REQUIRED FOR THIS MAP: Cata+ Tilesets Cata+ m2s and WMOs (WMOs are previously released by me) (if you have any links for these, please let me know) Map Size:7x7 ADTs, relative size of Korthia in 9.1 This map is still in active development, and things will change, but you have my full permission to use or edit it however you like. If you have any suggestions, please either send it to me on discord (Zarkeven#0001) or send a comment here.
  6. When using the darker nights mod for 3.3.5, weather changes breaks the darkness. I did some research and found out it was the weather dbc changing the lightning, so I made a patch fixing this. I included the darker nights mod, since is currently not accessible anymore and it's difficult to find nowadays. If anyone happens to find the weather still breaks for them, leave a comment and I will fix it. Download link -
  7. Version 3.3.5


    Disclaimer: If you have the knowledge and experience with modelswapping on newer clients remember that it's always best to explore on the proper builds, this release is purely for convenience. Downporting is not a 1-to-1 thing, m2s render weirdly, some fogs are broken etc. Welcome to the museum! This release is in part a culmination of several months of work on restoring the original Development Land, as well as a collection of developer/prototype/interesting/secret maps from MoP to BfA that I have accumulated. All necessary assets are downported to 3.3.5. He's a little preview of the exhibits made by Dovah. Link to the museum on MEGA. Contents: 1. Development Land. A map that is beloved by the exploration community, considered by some to be one of the coolest maps to ever exist, with an interesting story behind it. Originally leaked in a Cata PTR in 2011 and then quickly deleted, only a handful of broken parts of it were gathered. The map was later revealed and released by MoD on Ownedcore. The map that we got was broken, some zones were missing terrain, _obj, _tex files or usually all 3 of them. Over the years people tried to get around this in a few ways, but the map was still broken. I recently had an idea of recreating terrain for it from the heightmap stored in the WDL file, with the help of schlumpf that was achieved. Thanks to him as well, textures were somewhat restored with an image to vertex tool using the cata minimap as a source. This is a custom fix, by no means it comes close to the original that we never got, it is still broken, but this is the best we have now. 2. Misc developer maps. LevelDesignLand-DevOnly - one of the WoD developer maps, around 50 early garrison variations, unreleased arenas, bgs, locations, wod intro prototypes, it has it all. Propland-DevOnly another WoD map, housing a copy of Shadowmoon Burial Grounds, with the way m2s render inside a wmo it's best explored in noggit or another renderer. Expansion5QAModelMap houses a big chunk of assets built for WoD, also early graybox wmos for the moving part of Grimrail Depot can be found here. 2168 - BfA level design map, houses 4 prototype parts of Kultiras. 3. Scenarios and Island prototypes. AkazamarakHatScenario - unreleased scenario, not very interesting on 3.3.5 since it's missing the npc and gameobjects, but fully functional on live (cred. Dovah). IllidansRock - a map where you were supposed to interact with Illidan while he was jailed in Legion. TheMawofNashal, AssassinsScenarioDRU, DKMountScenario, WarfrontsDarkshoreAlliance, GorgrondOrcs all early/unreleased versions of different scenarios, featuring placeholder or alpha models. 8BoostExperienceHorde - a prototype for a boost location, which is itself an early version of Seething Shore, in Shadowlands Blizzard decided to reuse the map and added an untextured Northrend with a blockout of ICC. Artifact-Warrior Fury Acquisition - a unreleased version of early Helheim. AcquisitionHavoc - this map has unreferenced tiles with what looks like pre-alpha parts of Suramar planing. unused - not much is known about this map. TanaanLegionTest - an early version of Tanaan Jungle. Warlockarea - a map that later became the warlock orderhall during Legion, this is its early prototype from MoP. Islands_7VR_Swamp_Prototype2, Islands888 Josh, Islands666 Katalina, Islands9 Sinkhole, Islands420 Wonderland, Islands803 Mesa, Islands805 Cursed are unreleased prototypes of island expeditions, they vary in the level of polish, but undoubtedly strong contenders for the coolest unreleased maps. 4. Dungeons, Raids, BGs, Arenas. AbyssalMaw - a well known unreleased dungeon from Cata, this particular version is raised above the deathline. Legion Dungeon - also a well known unreleased dungeon. DungeonBlockout - prototype Arcway, made of versatile "lego" m2 blocks. SnakeCave - one of the first versions of Temple of Sethraliss, though with a very different layout. PirateTownDungeon - early Freehold with an interesting top part added to it, the unreferenced tile to the top left is also of interest. DevMapG - the Motherlode, also has some unreferenced tiles. MechagnomeIsland - early Mechagon prototype. Argus 1 - early Argus, has several technical prototypes for the locations and the raid. Nagadungeon - the top unreferenced tile is an early Eye of Azshara. DefenseOfTheAleHouseBG - the unreleased Dota BG. WarcraftHeroes - another BG we didn't get to see. SmallBattlegroundA - a collection of prototype arenas from WoD. SilithusBG - Seething Strand, a version of the azerite bg but located in Silithus, never released. AzeriteBG1 - early Seething Shore BG. ValsharahArena - early versions of the arena housed in unreferenced tiles. TheGreatWall and EastTemple are early versions of Gate of the Setting Sun and Temple of the Jade Serpent which have some pre-alpha tiles from MOP development. Argus_Rifts and early version of invasions, most of these are now unreferenced in game files, what appears to be a part of early Vol'dun can also be found here. ThePurgeOfGrommarScenario - a cut scenario from WoD. Artifact-PortalWorldAcqusition is an early version of the scenario by the same name, though the scenery in this one is drastically different due to some assets that were cut down the line. UnderrotDungeon - very early underrot, still with design and planning markings. AITestMap8 is a modified version of the Arathi Basin with ships as starting point, most points of interest on the map are swapped to small cave wmos. Firelands1 - it's hard to pinpoint a particular patch or time-frame for this, but this was acquired by combining partial 4.0.0 Firelands with incremental PTR patches, the result is an early mock-up version of the retail Firelands raid, massive thank you to Marlamin and RIdPEF for their archives. Abandonedmines appears to be an unreleased expedition set in a mining town. Robodrome - layout prototypes for the retail arena. 9devland2 houses one of six wmos that were spotted on that map during the 2019 design panel at Blizzcon. Nzoth - prototype Nazjatar that was shipped by mistake in 8.3.0, compared to the retail version there's an additional part of the zone present - Nzoth himself. GMdungeon2 is an unofficial name for a dev/gm wmo that houses a few testing areas. ExteriorTest - originally a developer map with some terrain work, the version here adds some of the unused WMOs and m2s from the gamefiles (raid/dungeon blockouts, greyboxes etc.). 5. Contintents. 0.5.3 Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor and some alpha wmos have been added. 2.0.0 Outland and 3.0.1 Northrend with their respective wmos are also now present, as well as full downports of 4.0.0 Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Deepholm and 6.0.1 Draenor. 6. Misc Early Maps. The earliest BGs: Kalidar and Plains of Snow were added to the museum, as well as a patch for Old Outland. 7. TBD: HearthstoneTavern. If anyone has the skills to downport a mid BFA wmo and wants to help - let me know. Please take a look at the instructions file inside the museum. Every MPQ has coordinates and links to the maps on If you have any questions, problems you can message me on discord (implave#7038), if you want to post some screenshots, feel free to do that in the Exploration Discord. Special thanks: a massive thank you to schlumpf for writing the wdl -> adt tool, modifying paintwow and helping me along the way, thank you to Dovah, Nyarly and others for helping me test/acquire files for this release, thank you to Reznik for providing a worldmap for the development, thank you to MoD for releasing the files for the development way back when, and thank you to the exploration community in general for inspiration. Take it slow, enjoy, have fun and happy exploring!
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Shadow Storm stopped being developed around 2 years ago and it's really about time for us to share some of the unfinished works we did. This patch contains maps that were never finalized, if you want to use them you'll also need to work them directly. I would have loved to finish the work myself, but I have many other things to do and it's simply not worth my time anymore. In this patch you'll find : - Dalkannes Isles (Southern & Middle parts of the area are not finished. I would advise you to use BFA zandalari assets for it) - A basic design for Azjol'Nerub - Some random works on Elwynn forest, with a start of a HD version and a destroyed Northshire - And many smaller things we put in this patch. Just take anything you need from it, I didn't checked what was useful or not.
  9. Version v9.1


    Hello, I created a set of icons (race and class) based on 3 images found in google graphics. Created for World of Warcraft 3.3.5a. v7 Special thanks for repairing character creator I'm heading to mikki0033 from modcraft forum. Now work well female Orc and icon death knight. Added optional Cataclysm, Legion & Bfa logo. v8 Special thanks for Fixed button to create a random nickname I'm heading to mikki0033 from modcraft forum. Thanks also to Marulu who reported the problem. Added alternative character creation (MoP) without backgrounds and icon. v9.1 Big thanks for warfoll02 who give me permission for modyfing this amazing stuff. Link for download Special Thanks Experimenst who upgrade this project. If for someone doesn't work you need unlock lua or use: I was looking for a character creator screen similar to the dlc Mists of Pandaria(for a long time). I found a post on the site and compile him but its not perfect. Has a problem with female orc , the gender button doesn't work and class icon death knight is invisible. I can't fix it(I dont know how). At this moment I can change sequence of character classes.: I'm use character , creature and uploaded Cata/Mop maps for 335 3.3.5a by Ohai created by : leeviathan - Finsternis - Ohai - original creator PhilipTNG/kronixusa - site link PS. Sorry for poor English English isn't my native language. v9.1 character&class icons.rar
  10. Version 1.0.0


    BE CAREFUL - WORK FOR SOME CHUNKS BUT NOT FOR OTHERS WHER IT FUCKS UP LIQUIDS This is an old tool i made in 2015 and never realy used. You can edit and fine tune water on adts, chunk by chunk, subchunk by subchunk (8x8 water map on every chunk), set transparency, type, height, etc etc. Idk if it's useful at all nowadays, there is probably another tool for that released years ago. Tested on 3.3.5 adts (v18), it will probably not work for other versions. Usage example :
  11. Version 0.1.9


    Ground effects are the little plants and rock that the game display on certain parts of your map. They're referenced in GroundEffectTexture.dbc, you can find a lot if various tutorials on how to edit this DBC. On an ADT, you have 16*16 chunks, each chunk can hold up to 4 texture and on each texture you can link one ground effect id from the GroundEffectTexture.dbc. Very important to understand if you want to use the tool. This program doesn't automatically : place ground effects where you used a specific texture put ground effects everywhere, if you clear a chunk in noggit, you'll need to set ground effects again. On a chunk you can : Set which ground effect goes with which texture Set on an 8 by 8 representation of the chunk, where each ground effect will be used Set on an 8 by 8 representation of the chunk, where no ground effect at all will be displayed Toggle ground effect display on/off on a whole chunk Fill a whole chunk with a ground effect On a full ADT you can : Export the current ground effect settings of all chunks Import ground effect settings from previous export. Even if you repaint in Noggit and a texture doesn't have the same index, it'll match the previous texture and apply the ground effect datas. Command line usage : ./"Sigmur's Ground Effect Editor.exe" [x|i] [target_path] (mge_file_path) [x|i] : export datas from ADT to file or import datas from file to ADT [target_path] : on export and import with no source, this can be a path with wildcard selection (see examples) (mge_file_path) : optional, used only for import. If no mge_file_path is specified, import will look for .mge files with the same name as the adt (see example) examples : ADT folder for our examples : "E:\Wow 3.3.5\world\maps\azeroth" containing "azeroth_30_30.adt" and "azeroth_30_31.adt" - Exporting ground effects datas form every ADTs ./"Sigmur's Ground Effect Editor.exe" x "E:/Wow 3.3.5/world/maps/azeroth/*.adt" - Exporting ground effects datas form specific ADT ./"Sigmur's Ground Effect Editor.exe" x "E:/Wow 3.3.5/world/maps/azeroth/azeroth_30_30.adt" - Importing ground effect datas to every ADTs, will look for same file name with extention .mge instead of .adt ./"Sigmur's Ground Effect Editor.exe" i "E:/Wow 3.3.5/world/maps/azeroth/*.adt" - Importing ground effect datas to specific ADT ./"Sigmur's Ground Effect Editor.exe" i "E:/Wow 3.3.5/world/maps/azeroth/azeroth_30_30.adt" - Importing specific ground effect datas to specific ADT ./"Sigmur's Ground Effect Editor.exe" i "E:/Wow 3.3.5/world/maps/azeroth/azeroth_30_30.adt" "E:/Wow 3.3.5/world/maps/azeroth/azeroth_30_30_specific_file.mge" !important : this progam uses QT5 to parse paths, this means you can use forward and backward slashes in them, even on windows. You can even mix backward and forward slashes ("E:/Wow 3.3.5\world\maps/azeroth\azeroth_30_30.adt" is a valid path) Technical datas : Ground effect datas are stored in MCNK header as a uint2[8][8] layer map (128 bits) and an uint1[8][8] (64 bits) toggle map. The data starts right after the holes datas, offset 64 from the MCNK header, 72 from the MCNK magic word beginning. The first 128 bits (4 uint32) are the layer map. It's composed of an 8 x 8 representation of the chunk, each point is a number between 0 and 3. These numbers are indices to MCLY datas, this define what ground effect id (contained in the targeted MCLY) will be displayed at the target subchunk X/Y. The next 64 bits (2 uint32), often miscalled predTex & noEffectDoodad, are used for a no effect bitmap. It's another 8 x 8 representation of the chunk that contains where no effects will be shown. Since the effect map can only have numbers between 0 and 3, they needed another map to tell where not to put stuff on. Each point is a single bit that tells the game if you want to hide ground effect on X/Y or not. Code used to access/save datas : (made in QT5, so quint16 = uint16_t) quint16* effect_layer_map[8]; //8*8 map of uint2 - uint16 = 16 bits, we'll use 2 bits per point, 1 uint16 = 8 points quint8* effect_toggle_map[8]; //8*8 map of uint1 - uint8 = 8 bits, 1 bit per point, ez quint8 layer_map_edit[8][8]; //8*8 map of uint8 - easier to use bool toggle_map_edit[8][8]; //8*8 map of bool - wich subchunk is toggle or not easier to use char* pos = raw_mcnk_datas_starting_after_magic_and_size; //I store a copy of the raw MCNK data in the structure that loads it and edit it directly pos += 64; //Skip everything until effect layer map //Put every pointers at the right position for (int i = 0; i < 8; i++) effect_layer_map[i] = (quint16*)(pos + (i * 2)); pos += 16; //go to toggle map begin, toggle map equiv to 2 uint32 for (int i = 0; i < 8; i++) effect_toggle_map[i] = (quint8*)(pos + i); //Parse layer & toggle maps for (int mx = 0; mx < 8; mx++) { quint16 tmp = *effect_layer_map[mx]; for (int my = 0; my < 8; my++) { layer_map_edit[mx][my] = (tmp & 1) + (tmp & 2); tmp = tmp >> 2; toggle_map_edit[mx][my] = (*effect_toggle_map[mx] & (1 << my)); } } // Here you can edit your maps using the _edit versions //Save the stuff back to the adt for (int mx = 0; mx < 8; mx++) { //Rewrite ground effect maps quint16 layer_map_row = 0; quint8 toggle_map_row = 0; for (int my = 7; my >= 0; my--) { //Going in reverse this time, or your world will be ass backward if (toggle_map_edit[mx][my]) toggle_map_row += 1; layer_map_row += layer_map_edit[mx][my]; if (my > 0) { layer_map_row = layer_map_row << 2; toggle_map_row = toggle_map_row << 1; } } //Put the rewritten line in the corresponding map *(effect_layer_map[mx]) = layer_map_row; *(effect_toggle_map[mx]) = toggle_map_row; }
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Hiya, Today I would like to share with you my mount patch containing at this point 45 mounts going from Cata to Legion retro-ported to Wrath of the lich king. I work on this patch from time to time so be sure to keep an eye out for newer versions. Happy Modding. Poisonleaf
  13. Proof of concept only, not for distribution. It was a personal challenge, build a simple persistent farming system for wow. I used 3.3.5 because i'm more familiar with it and i built a lot of editing tool for it over the years. Seed items can be used on special land plots to grow crop. Crop speed was 5s/state for this demo but is fully customisable. Once the crop reached the final state of growth, you can harvest it using another spell. It triggers a loot frame, once everything is looted the crop despawn. Crops are persistents : crop evolution state is saved in DB Fully customizable : crops have 5 evolution states with 4 differents timers and gameobject ids for the skin Loots are generated by the system, not linked in the last gameobject, looted amount are scaled on the crop fertilisation level The example show only one seed, different seed items can be used
  14. Greetings, i use Leeviathan's WOD character model patch, and it's awesome to have retail characters to 3.3.5 but, for some reason, the weapons of the female blood elf are reduced compared to Retail, and i need to increase the size of the weapons, if anyone can put on the comments how i can do this, i will be eternally grateful
  15. It's like the coolest form there is. One color would suffice. Would be happy to buy you a coffee(or a few coffees) as my gratitude (EN/US) edit: Sorry if this the wrong section to post. New to forums.
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Most WMOs from cata to BFA ported to 3.3.5a working on WMV version 7.0.1 r206 32bit: 64bit: Due to IRL problems, this project has been discontinued. There will be no more updates to this unless needed. To report a WMO that isnt working, please send to this email address: subject: modelname (ex.6or_garrisontower01.wmo) in message: explain what happens when you try to load it into WMV, noggit, or in-game patch m- Cataclysm patch n- Mists of Pandaria patch o- Warlords of Draenor patch p- Legion patch q- Battle for Azeroth
  17. New 52809 spells fully implemented their visualization nonexistent mechanics replaced by similar The whole process took a little more than 100-110 hours Download:
  18. Version ALPHA 0.1


    (WIP ALPHA 0.2 Already overhauled the Template but it needs a bit Optimization) This is a Template File, which allows you to Create awesome Terrains for the WoW Version 3.3.5. The (EXAMPLE) in the Zip File uses Shadowlands and BFA Tilesets otherwise they will displayed as Errors but you can easily switch those Textures. It uses the usage of the Programs: ObjtoADT Prints the Height of the Model into an WoW ADT. Futa Prints the Alphamaps into an ADT. A tutorial Video can you find here of the Export Progress:
  19. Index: - What you need - Step 1 till 3 - One-Look-Understandable-Picture What you need: - a WoW 3.3.5a Trinity Server - your World of Warcraft _world-Database __________________________________ For Custom port-points: - Noggit for a Custom map - Your builded patch Step 1: Go ingame to a nice area, there you want your players to start up. When you found your place - press ingame the Admintask ".gps" to get the coordinates. Note: You get also the sightvew (orientation) Step 2: Go to your world-database -> table: playercreatinfo. So you can see now the single locations of each race. Insert you coordinates to the single collums. Step 3: Save your work and restart the world. (.server restart 1) and try it =) One-Look-Understandable-Picture:
  20. Zarkeven


    From the album: Thal'Dranath Progress

  21. Zarkeven


    From the album: Thal'Dranath Progress

  22. Zarkeven


    From the album: Thal'Dranath Progress

  23. Zarkeven


    From the album: Thal'Dranath Progress

  24. Zarkeven


    From the album: Thal'Dranath Progress

  25. Zarkeven


    From the album: Thal'Dranath Progress