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Found 21 results

  1. Looking for a Noggiter to help me make two custom maps for my server project. Baseline of 75 USD for each, though better pay for better work, and I have plans for extending both, and will refer back to you as I am ready for that. I do value the time that people put into these things, including the time to learn them, the 75 baseline is a basic for if it covers the bare minimum which I don't think would take much time. One map is a city centered around a giant tree, for which I have a 2d map if you are interested, The city has room for extension into a few more zones around it. For skyline considerations, the region to the north is a forest, the east are some plains, the south is some mountains, and the west is some hills, these are the extra addons though, beyond what I want to do for the initial city. The other zone is meant to be a raid zone, and is supposed to be a giant spire in the heart of 4 (or 8 ideally) different elemental regions. The regions don't have to be big, just enough for a single raid boss is fine, but bigger regions are worth more to me, as long as they are nice, I would rather have one really nice raid boss room than have a mediocre map the size of westfall per region, though somewhere in the middle is probably ideal.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    BE CAREFUL - WORK FOR SOME CHUNKS BUT NOT FOR OTHERS WHER IT FUCKS UP LIQUIDS This is an old tool i made in 2015 and never realy used. You can edit and fine tune water on adts, chunk by chunk, subchunk by subchunk (8x8 water map on every chunk), set transparency, type, height, etc etc. Idk if it's useful at all nowadays, there is probably another tool for that released years ago. Tested on 3.3.5 adts (v18), it will probably not work for other versions. Usage example :
  3. Version 0.1.9


    Ground effects are the little plants and rock that the game display on certain parts of your map. They're referenced in GroundEffectTexture.dbc, you can find a lot if various tutorials on how to edit this DBC. On an ADT, you have 16*16 chunks, each chunk can hold up to 4 texture and on each texture you can link one ground effect id from the GroundEffectTexture.dbc. Very important to understand if you want to use the tool. This program doesn't automatically : place ground effects where you used a specific texture put ground effects everywhere, if you clear a chunk in noggit, you'll need to set ground effects again. On a chunk you can : Set which ground effect goes with which texture Set on an 8 by 8 representation of the chunk, where each ground effect will be used Set on an 8 by 8 representation of the chunk, where no ground effect at all will be displayed Toggle ground effect display on/off on a whole chunk Fill a whole chunk with a ground effect On a full ADT you can : Export the current ground effect settings of all chunks Import ground effect settings from previous export. Even if you repaint in Noggit and a texture doesn't have the same index, it'll match the previous texture and apply the ground effect datas. Command line usage : ./"Sigmur's Ground Effect Editor.exe" [x|i] [target_path] (mge_file_path) [x|i] : export datas from ADT to file or import datas from file to ADT [target_path] : on export and import with no source, this can be a path with wildcard selection (see examples) (mge_file_path) : optional, used only for import. If no mge_file_path is specified, import will look for .mge files with the same name as the adt (see example) examples : ADT folder for our examples : "E:\Wow 3.3.5\world\maps\azeroth" containing "azeroth_30_30.adt" and "azeroth_30_31.adt" - Exporting ground effects datas form every ADTs ./"Sigmur's Ground Effect Editor.exe" x "E:/Wow 3.3.5/world/maps/azeroth/*.adt" - Exporting ground effects datas form specific ADT ./"Sigmur's Ground Effect Editor.exe" x "E:/Wow 3.3.5/world/maps/azeroth/azeroth_30_30.adt" - Importing ground effect datas to every ADTs, will look for same file name with extention .mge instead of .adt ./"Sigmur's Ground Effect Editor.exe" i "E:/Wow 3.3.5/world/maps/azeroth/*.adt" - Importing ground effect datas to specific ADT ./"Sigmur's Ground Effect Editor.exe" i "E:/Wow 3.3.5/world/maps/azeroth/azeroth_30_30.adt" - Importing specific ground effect datas to specific ADT ./"Sigmur's Ground Effect Editor.exe" i "E:/Wow 3.3.5/world/maps/azeroth/azeroth_30_30.adt" "E:/Wow 3.3.5/world/maps/azeroth/azeroth_30_30_specific_file.mge" !important : this progam uses QT5 to parse paths, this means you can use forward and backward slashes in them, even on windows. You can even mix backward and forward slashes ("E:/Wow 3.3.5\world\maps/azeroth\azeroth_30_30.adt" is a valid path) Technical datas : Ground effect datas are stored in MCNK header as a uint2[8][8] layer map (128 bits) and an uint1[8][8] (64 bits) toggle map. The data starts right after the holes datas, offset 64 from the MCNK header, 72 from the MCNK magic word beginning. The first 128 bits (4 uint32) are the layer map. It's composed of an 8 x 8 representation of the chunk, each point is a number between 0 and 3. These numbers are indices to MCLY datas, this define what ground effect id (contained in the targeted MCLY) will be displayed at the target subchunk X/Y. The next 64 bits (2 uint32), often miscalled predTex & noEffectDoodad, are used for a no effect bitmap. It's another 8 x 8 representation of the chunk that contains where no effects will be shown. Since the effect map can only have numbers between 0 and 3, they needed another map to tell where not to put stuff on. Each point is a single bit that tells the game if you want to hide ground effect on X/Y or not. Code used to access/save datas : (made in QT5, so quint16 = uint16_t) quint16* effect_layer_map[8]; //8*8 map of uint2 - uint16 = 16 bits, we'll use 2 bits per point, 1 uint16 = 8 points quint8* effect_toggle_map[8]; //8*8 map of uint1 - uint8 = 8 bits, 1 bit per point, ez quint8 layer_map_edit[8][8]; //8*8 map of uint8 - easier to use bool toggle_map_edit[8][8]; //8*8 map of bool - wich subchunk is toggle or not easier to use char* pos = raw_mcnk_datas_starting_after_magic_and_size; //I store a copy of the raw MCNK data in the structure that loads it and edit it directly pos += 64; //Skip everything until effect layer map //Put every pointers at the right position for (int i = 0; i < 8; i++) effect_layer_map[i] = (quint16*)(pos + (i * 2)); pos += 16; //go to toggle map begin, toggle map equiv to 2 uint32 for (int i = 0; i < 8; i++) effect_toggle_map[i] = (quint8*)(pos + i); //Parse layer & toggle maps for (int mx = 0; mx < 8; mx++) { quint16 tmp = *effect_layer_map[mx]; for (int my = 0; my < 8; my++) { layer_map_edit[mx][my] = (tmp & 1) + (tmp & 2); tmp = tmp >> 2; toggle_map_edit[mx][my] = (*effect_toggle_map[mx] & (1 << my)); } } // Here you can edit your maps using the _edit versions //Save the stuff back to the adt for (int mx = 0; mx < 8; mx++) { //Rewrite ground effect maps quint16 layer_map_row = 0; quint8 toggle_map_row = 0; for (int my = 7; my >= 0; my--) { //Going in reverse this time, or your world will be ass backward if (toggle_map_edit[mx][my]) toggle_map_row += 1; layer_map_row += layer_map_edit[mx][my]; if (my > 0) { layer_map_row = layer_map_row << 2; toggle_map_row = toggle_map_row << 1; } } //Put the rewritten line in the corresponding map *(effect_layer_map[mx]) = layer_map_row; *(effect_toggle_map[mx]) = toggle_map_row; }
  4. Version 0.5


    Code source is here: AdtTool project aims to provide a framework to easily creating tools manipulating Adt's. Currently only a few tools are created as examples. AllWater allows to create Ocean water as well. The tools should work with TLK but were not tested.
  5. Version ALPHA 0.1


    (WIP ALPHA 0.2 Already overhauled the Template but it needs a bit Optimization) This is a Template File, which allows you to Create awesome Terrains for the WoW Version 3.3.5. The (EXAMPLE) in the Zip File uses Shadowlands and BFA Tilesets otherwise they will displayed as Errors but you can easily switch those Textures. It uses the usage of the Programs: ObjtoADT Prints the Height of the Model into an WoW ADT. Futa Prints the Alphamaps into an ADT. A tutorial Video can you find here of the Export Progress:
  6. Version 0.0.2


    A Blender Scene with an Alphamap Generator and the Original ADT Size. USED ADDONS BLENDER: A.N.T. Official Blender Addon, WoW Blender Studio, UNITY: Terrain Tools Unity works extremely well with the Terrain Generation using the 2019 Version in combination with the Terrain Tools and a Terrain Export Script and the Alpha Generator from Blender you can take any terrain shape from any Expansion and print it into a Unity Terrain aswell Texturing. The Terrain inside the Grid is 1 ADT. To get the Raw data out of the Terrain, on the top you can export the Terrain as .OBJ and with the Terrain Tools under the Menu Asset/Terrain Tool you can export your texture Layers as RGB the PNG is in a weird format, open it with your favourite Image Editor and Seperate the Image by Color, RGB and there are now the 3 Texture Layers-> Desaturate them and theyre ready to use for FUTA. To Convert the Terrain to an ADT use the ObjtoADT: OBJtoADT
  7. Version Sources


    Someone picked up the development, go >here< to follow the progress and send your issues Here is my multi converter, it can convert m2, wmo, adt, wdt and anim (7.3.5) from Legion to be used on wotlk (map can be visited with the client or edited with noggit). M2 using .skel are not supported. To use it just open it then drag and drop the files you want to convert (or a folder containing some, subfolder included) and click on "Fix", the files will be overwritten and it will delete the files that are unused on wotlk. If the .skin files are in the same folder they will be converted too. M2 already converted to LK format won't be converted again. As for WMO converting them multiple time won't affect them. ADT need their _tex0 and _obj0 counterpart to be converted. Warning: don't take the WDL files from blizzard, they have changed and causes wow error. Warning 2: the next releases of Noggit will require you to use the version 3.3 or newer, the m2 converted with the old versions were missing some data that Noggit now need, without it'll crash. What needs to be done : Fix forward flying animation for a few models Animation particles Set WMOs liquid types that correspond when the ID is too high Set fel liquid to green lava on adt for a better / more accurate look Some map might not look good because several effect like texture scaling that aren't there in wotlk, the 2 additional layers for texture introduced in wod, ... For those who want to report a problem : Tell me on which model(s) you've seen the problem and add screen(s), it help me fixing the problem faster. And send me your error.log where there are errors during the conversion !! And please use an external website to upload the screens because each time I upload a new version the screenshots in comments appear in the changelog for some reasons and I have to delete them which also delete them from the comments Thanks a lot to : All those who contributed / are contributing to the wiki, I couldn't have done it without this precious source of informations! Mjollna for her m2 converter and awesome ADT diagram! PhillipTNG for his m2 conversion script which helped me write mine in the beginning. Sources are now available, see last release.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Purpose: Recalculates all the model UIDs in given ADTs from a specified directory including its subfolders. It can start counting UIDs from the last max UID, which can be calculated with: ADTMaxModelUIDCalculator.1sc. Highly recommended to be used on the map before its release. Usage: Prerss F7 to run the script and select the directory. After the process is finished the last used UID will be displayed in the message box and copied to your system clipboard. CMD version: Not available, not planned. Requires: In order to run any of my scripts you need a new version of 010 editor binary templates which can be downloaded here. Produces model duplication on borders of ADTs! Duplicates can be removed using Noggit.
  9. Version 1.0.1


    Purpose: Moves terrain and models along the Z-axis. Comes in handy when you need to merge two pieces of maps that have very big height difference. Usage: Prerss F7 to run the script. Enter the modifier value (negative or positive). Select ADTs files you want to raise or lower. CMD version: Not available, not planned. Requires: In order to run any of my scripts you need a new version of 010 editor binary templates which can be downloaded here.
  10. Version


    ADTConverter [Deprecated] Convert your ADTs from Wotlk(3.3.5) to WoD(6.x.x)/Legion(7.x.x) The ADTConverter is deprecated and no longer supported Requirements The converter requires NET Framework 4.0 How to use Put your Wotlk ADTs in the data Folder Start the ConvertADTs.cmd Issues Please post your Issues here Thanks PTNGee for the "PTNG_ADT_Converter"
  11. You must make your custom files on Noggit or you can get your maps modified parsed to Cata, MoP or WoD and convert this to Legion. If you use the ADT Converter and you use "-l" this convert to Legion, but this can give error because the wdts, wdl and tex fails and the water dissapear. For fix this, you must parse your maps from Wotlk to Cata/MoP/WoD with this tool ADT Converter After you must put on the data folder yours maps modified and you must make click in the .bat file, this parse alls files to WoD (Cata and mop too). Now you must download the script file and .bat modified for me, this files Adt Converter to Legion You must unrar, after you must edit the bat file and you find: 010editor "%%i" -script:"PATH\ADT-Legion-Conversion.1sc" "%%i" -nowarnings -noui Now you must edit the PATH for your path folder of script file, after you save this. After you must copy your ADTs files only from Cata/MoP/WoD to ADT folder and now you must click in the .bat. When this program closed, you must get the ADTs and put on the path folder patch (World/Maps/example/example.adt) in your World of Warcraft root folder. Et voila, your maps it's working. (Delete WDT, WDL, TEX files for this work) Like the post if you like it! and sorry for my english. Credits: Luzifix (Adt Converter), Arektor (Script 010editor of Wod to Legion), Me, Darkkang for make the tutorial and the .bat file and testing this.
  12. Hello. I have made a custom continent behind the "blue wall" in eastern KIngdoms. Most of my friends can see the continent, but 1 friend cant. He plays on a MAC and its a wotlk server. Can someone maybe give a solution or explain to why its not working for him (NOTE: I'm not good at computers, I just love to have fun with noggit and etc.. =)))) ) Thanks again <3 Legit.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Purpose: Edits MFBO data in ADT and sets it to given values. By default it is configured for removing MFBO related bugs. Though, values can be changed however you like. Usage: Run the script. Select files you want to edit. If you need some special MFBO data, change values in lines: 36 and 43. CMD version: Not available, coming soon. Requires: In order to run any of my scripts you need a new version of 010 editor binary templates which can be downloaded here.
  14. Version 1.0.1


    Hi ! This tool takes the height coordinates of a .OBJ file and puts them into the .ADT file of the same name. Launch "run.bat" to convert all files in directory. Skarn made the original script & logic and I coded it in Java due to limitations of 010 editor scripting.
  15. Hello everyone, i'm making this thread, hoping i can get help from this community, and it's about going forward in Legion modding. > lol rangorn u always brag but you didn't do anything, blablablabla *SJW tears* Stfu dude, tell me what is that then ? ANYWAY ! the project is about to update WdtSupplies and make it compatible with Legion. > Create mapping in noggit with 3.3.5 client > Use Anthony adt converter for adt in cata/mop format > Using WdtSupplies for making it compatible with Legion Legion ADTs format have changed with legion, so WoD mapping aren't working in it, you will get 132 errors. Let's get in Since few expansions, the main files for each map are theses : WDT : Defines property of the map ( ) WDL : Define the low-resolution heightmap of the map ( ) TEX : Low-Resolution texturing for the map ( ) _LGT.WDT : Lighting for the map ( ) _OCC.WDT : Occlusion for the map ( ) And of course for one ADT : ADT_XX_YY : The main adt file ADT_XX_YY_obj0 : Objects informations of the ADT ADT_XX_YY_obj1 : Objects informations of the ADT ADT_XX_YY_tex0 : Textures informations of the ADT ADT_XX_YY_tex1 : Textures informations of the ADT NEW WITH LEGION : ADT_XX_YY_lod : Probably low resolution of ADT, didn't really checked this The principal change in legion, it's the removal of tex1, and adding _lod instead. As i've understand, _lod are not needed, old maps doesn't have a _lod, but _tex1 is removed for all maps. So, the first thing to understand, is to know what file is necessary, and if not, can it have a minimal structure ? Here are two example of maps with not much content : No ADT One ADT As we can see on the first screenshoot, Tex and _lgt and _occ wdt are necessary, but they have a minimal structure (chunk name, chunk size, and a lot of 00 depending on the chunk size) So let's skip theses 3 files for the moment, and let's see about WDT and WDL -WDT : There are absolutely no change in WDT, except 2 thing : - Flags is different for maps, because new expansion - MWMO empty chunk (if the map is not a WMO Map) isn't present in WDTs Nothing to do with, perhaps deleting the WMO chunk manually if the wdt have one -WDL : The body is the same, One huge MAOF chunk (16384 bytes) and a MARE chunk (1080 bytes) / MAHO chunk (32 bytes) for each ADT in the map BUT Header have changed a lot With the minimal structure, old header look like this MVER (4bytes) : 18 MWMO : 0 MWID : 0 MODF : 0 Now the header look like this : MVER (4bytes) : 18 MLDD : 0 MLDX : 0 MLMD : 0 MLXM : 0 Theses new chunk are familiar because they are located in adt too SO ! For the moment : Only WDL files need modification, now let's see for the ADTs files in the next post !
  16. Sorry about this video being really long but I figured that the amount of people that are interested in Cata modding don't really know very much about the differences between WoTLK and Cata, so I made a much longer demonstration, semi-tutorial video covering the usage of my converter.
  17. When i rename adt from the same map from 45_20 to 15_10 or sg like this it is working. But if i put from other map like dungeon it isn't working the place of adt is empty, im to ask what could be the error which causes this? I want to find out how to merge maps and avoid this kind of errors, any idea whats occuring this? If delete some lines in 010editor is enough?
  18. What is the best way to work on the same map from different computers, can more people work on that together? I don't want to upload 500MB always because of some some ADT. And I want avoid bugs.
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Purpose: Removes Z offsets of MCNKs in given ADT files. It does not add their values to actual heightmap data, so this can be used only for fixing offset-related bugs after the usage of tools like OBJtoADT or similar ones that work with heightmap data but does not pay attention to MCNK Z offset. Usage: Prerss F7 to run the script and select the ADT files to process. CMD version: To come. Requires: In order to run any of my scripts you need a new version of 010 editor binary templates which can be downloaded here.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    Purpose: Calculates the heighest model UID from the given ADTs in the specified directory. Also processes files in subfolders. Usage: Prerss F7 to run the script and select the directory. The resulted value will be displayed in the message box and copied to your system clipboard. CMD version: Not available, not planned. Requires: In order to run any of my scripts you need a new version of 010 editor binary templates which can be downloaded here.
  21. Hi, i made a little tool to set water on an adt. As of now, everything i expected works fine, you can set liquid & liquid type chunk by chunk, define the subchunks where you want to set liquids and even specify the height of your liquid to make non planes rivers, like the waterfals in the grizzly hills and set liquid transparency. There is still one thins i do not manage with this, it's the UV map. According to In some case, the chunks can have an uv map, defined like so : struct uv_map_entry { uint16_t x; uint16_t y; };I found it using 010 editor, and it match the description, an uv map is a set of two coordinates, u and v, to place a 2d texture on a 3d object. But i do not see how uint16 can be used for the job. I've joined the 010 template updated with the right water structures since it wasn't mine in the first place.