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Found 43 results

  1. Looking for a Noggiter to help me make two custom maps for my server project. Baseline of 75 USD for each, though better pay for better work, and I have plans for extending both, and will refer back to you as I am ready for that. I do value the time that people put into these things, including the time to learn them, the 75 baseline is a basic for if it covers the bare minimum which I don't think would take much time. One map is a city centered around a giant tree, for which I have a 2d map if you are interested, The city has room for extension into a few more zones around it. For skyline considerations, the region to the north is a forest, the east are some plains, the south is some mountains, and the west is some hills, these are the extra addons though, beyond what I want to do for the initial city. The other zone is meant to be a raid zone, and is supposed to be a giant spire in the heart of 4 (or 8 ideally) different elemental regions. The regions don't have to be big, just enough for a single raid boss is fine, but bigger regions are worth more to me, as long as they are nice, I would rather have one really nice raid boss room than have a mediocre map the size of westfall per region, though somewhere in the middle is probably ideal.
  2. Version 1.0


    New custom Capital City: Lonforte! Hey Friends, today I would like to release my Map "Lonforte". It was built by me for my Server "Astoria". However, we decided to not use it and instead of letting it die in my Hard Drive, I decided to release it for you all! You are free to edit/change everything at the Map you want. You are allowed to use the Map for your Server/Project. You don't need to give credits, however its appreciated! - You are not allowed to sell the Map or any of the Parts of it! The Map has 3 main "Areas": War Craters - The Mid of the Map, where we planned Open World PvP between the Horde and Alliance. Lonforte: Disctrict of War - The Horde Capital City of the Map. Lonforte: Disctrict of Glory - The Alliance Capital City of the Map You need a Patch with all Draenor Objects/Textures. You can download "Zarkeven" ones. Download here: Be sure to place that into your WoW Data Folder (or your Noggit Workspace) Hope you Enjoy it! Showcase of the Map:
  3. This is a Terrain Generation Scene for Blender, it has a precreated Material Scene to create Alphamaps and the original ADT Size. Using A.N.T. to generate a great Terrain shape and a specific Material to generate Alphamaps, for the m2´s i use a wmo with an doodad set that were randomly placed with the hair particles and place it somewhere under the terrain. Using WoW blender studio 2.8: Mouse Clicks, Background Sound are still in, i just merged 3 records together without any edits.
  4. Version 1.2


    1. Thanks to Tester in the modding discord for helping make this happen! 2. To make this work, you have to make a folder MPQ, like this, a tutorial will be at the end. - put your map that you want to edit in real time to this folder - put the .exe in where your normal wow.exe is - set your noggit project path to your folder patch - log in to your server - teleport to your map - make changes in noggit, then save - Load out of the map then load back in with this macro (thanks Skarn for telling me about this): .tele gmisland .recall - your changes should be there! HOW TO SET UP A FOLDER MPQ 1. Create a folder in the Data directory of your wrath of the lich king install. 2. Name that folder Patch-(A-Z,1-9).MPQ, i.e. Patch-F.mpq
  5. Version 0.1


    This are all the Tilesets that Wildstar(MADE BY NCSOFT/CARBINE STUDIOS) offer. CLUTTERS WIP coming in the next versions. Write me if you find any Texture Bugs: Follow my progress on : Wildstar-port progress Discord: AgeofHocKA#2112
  6. Many objects are being culled when they should not be. I understand that objects fade out past specific view distances, although these instantly flash in and out of sight. Here are some examples. This does not appear to be remedied by scaling or changing rotations of the object, or even changing it's location... strange enough. This fence example, each object was CTRL+C pasted from one another and moved to fit. I am using Noggit 3.1222, I tried saving ADT in other versions although everytime I save the ADT my camera gets launched into the sky when I fly in that area, so. Not sure what that's about but this noggit version is the only one that appears to work for me to save ADT. Here is Example: Happens for many other objects too, rocks, random stuff. Please give me any info, I don't want to be spoonfed, but I would like to read and learn more to avoid and remedy this type of thing. Thanks <3 :*
  7. Welcome friends! I have decided to start a new Noggit Tutorial series. Since I'm currently working on a custom private server and have to work a lot with Noggit and all that stuff, I've decided to make an up-to-date and high quality tutorial series on Noggit! In this video we will get to know the 4 layer system and learn how to add Alpha Maps to our map, explained slowly and simply! I hope you enjoy it and you will support each other! Have fun modding! Video
  8. CUSTOM MAP TUTORIAL Create a project folder where you store all your custom work, including the folders used in your custom patch-x.mpq (DBFilesClient & Interface etc) Copy your "Data" folder from your wow client folder to your newly created project folder. Copy your "World" folder (custom maps) to your newly created project folder. Make sure that your custom patch-x.mpq is in the "Data" folder you just copied to your project folder. Open Noggit (I use Noggit version 3.2771) and go to your "Settings" Check the first options "Game Path" and "Project Path" and link both these to your project folder Hit "Save" and restart Noggit. Finito! You should now have your custom map visible in your Noggit! SCREENSHOTS (IN DEPTH) 1 I have named my project folder "Work" 2 This is what's inside my work folder. It's optional to use "Data" folder, but it's much more convenient if Noggit uses it's own "Data" folder instead of your wow client folder that you play on. Just make sure that whenever you have made a new patch-x.mpq for your custom map, include it in your work folder as well in "data. 4 Open Noggit and navigate to the settings page 5 "Game Path" and "Project Path" should be directed to (in my case): D:\Work If you choose not to copy your "Data" folder to your project folder, select your wow client folder in "Game Path" ALL DONE! You should now be able to see your custom map in Noggit once you have restarted it.
  9. .dbc file are missing log.txt developer pls fix
  10. I've set up the path to the WMV log, but when I try to put some object down I get an error message saying "No corresponding model found in the wmv log file". Pls help.
  11. Hi, there... I am begginer on this show, but i often watch what you made or what are you working on, so i am excited of some of your work. Specially noggit work. I decided to share my little experiment with you. It is some kind of cave system i wish to create. My main point that i tried to follow: Dark atmosphere in the begining and then slowly gradient into the peacful shrine with some blessing effect. On the last, I want to pin out this is my first job i ever made so its looks more lika a lego building than some noggit art my often problem is work with a terrain. So.. yep, i hope you will check it out and perhaps write some constructive critic. Sorry for my low-level english, i still learn.
  12. Sorry for the beginner question here, but. After setting up Noggit, I have run into an issue where it can't seem to read my WMV's log and can't place an object into the game because there are is no model data in my log, while the log shows that I have been looking at models. Here's my path to the WMV log folder. And here's my WMV log - as you can see, it has opened everything successfully and is looking at the model. Am I doing something dumb or is this a bug?
  13. You must make your custom files on Noggit or you can get your maps modified parsed to Cata, MoP or WoD and convert this to Legion. If you use the ADT Converter and you use "-l" this convert to Legion, but this can give error because the wdts, wdl and tex fails and the water dissapear. For fix this, you must parse your maps from Wotlk to Cata/MoP/WoD with this tool ADT Converter After you must put on the data folder yours maps modified and you must make click in the .bat file, this parse alls files to WoD (Cata and mop too). Now you must download the script file and .bat modified for me, this files Adt Converter to Legion You must unrar, after you must edit the bat file and you find: 010editor "%%i" -script:"PATH\ADT-Legion-Conversion.1sc" "%%i" -nowarnings -noui Now you must edit the PATH for your path folder of script file, after you save this. After you must copy your ADTs files only from Cata/MoP/WoD to ADT folder and now you must click in the .bat. When this program closed, you must get the ADTs and put on the path folder patch (World/Maps/example/example.adt) in your World of Warcraft root folder. Et voila, your maps it's working. (Delete WDT, WDL, TEX files for this work) Like the post if you like it! and sorry for my english. Credits: Luzifix (Adt Converter), Arektor (Script 010editor of Wod to Legion), Me, Darkkang for make the tutorial and the .bat file and testing this.
  14. In these videos I'll demonstrate how to make good-looking maps, sharing some tips and tricks I've gathered from my experience with Noggit. Check my YT channel for more!
  15. Hiya, The time is now to vote for the winner! As we are awaiting for Skarn our official judge to make his report, The community can also vote on who thing made the best zones. If you havn't followed the story & has been living under a rock let me break it down for you. Poisonleaf & Sphynx have been going head to head in a five hour stream to create the best looking Jungle themed zone. The rules we're simple with as mean subject to have atleast one ADT of play-able area. It is however needless to say that we did not finish the map in five hours but we're able to select atleast one sreenshot for your judgement. Voting will end Friday 20th of July. at 21:00 GMT+2 Personally I would like thank everyone who tuned in and made this evening to be unforgettable. It would not have been the same without you all. You guys were awesome! Below you can watch the VoD's if you want to relive the amazing evening. Poisonleaf's Side Sphynx's Side May the odds be ever in our favor. Poisonleaf Sphynx Thanks for everyone for your vote. The winner from this contest is Poisonleaf! Congratz!
  16. Greetings! [I am the one, who is looking for job] I have a dream to create a Wow server based on Warcraft 3 story from the very beginning. At the first-hand players had the opportunity to get acquainted with this world in Warcraft 3. That's why I think many of us would see it in World of Warcraft. Whole Azeroth and Outland in different phases. I already worked 100+ hours on this project alone, but can't open it anymore since I moved to another computer. Unfortunately, I can't deal with my old MPQ-s on the new computer. Probably, someone will be able to open it with basic down ported models. (Until legion) My project:!Asrk_5wjkszIhKkN9EhehurNQgUpGA I don't expect any payment, although I know this project is huge. If someone is creating it, and he doesn't have enough human resources, I wanted to tell him: I am here. Important: I am an economics student and not an artist. (However, my gf is an artist and praised me, lol) So I lack the knowledge to create from scratch and using the blender. I can use photoshop to recolour some texture. I can only use Noggit and placing down objects and create living towns and environment that are in the database. Or cutting the bigger WMO-s into smaller parts, like I did it with Dalaran. Holy hell I can spend hours with building fences in Noggit I read a lot Wow Lore, and I am committed creating lore-friendly towns, and quest opportunities. Also, I have suggestions how can be this custom content sellable, playable, balanced and fun. I am doing my thesis at university and workings as a trainee, so I have free time. Note: I don't want to use my old maps anymore. Since "Battle For Azeroth" is coming, It includes better models for this territories. And I am not interested in any other projects, only this one. PM me here, I wouldn't share my private email address to the public. I included some pictures of this unfinished zones.
  17. Version 1.1


    m2 files from BfA (alpha) to wotlk in rar Tutorial: -extract files -import world folder to patch.mpq (sorry for my bad english)
  18. Hey. My nickname is Morvill. I want to show you examples of my work and offer my skills in level design (including creating, editing maps in Noggit and 3D models of buildings in Blender) I've been working at the noggit for 3 years already. Here are examples of my work, their scope depends on deadlines and prices: 1) Alterac. The time line between the second and third war. The creation was spent about three months. One of my early works.(Project: Noblegarden) 2) Gilneas. Revised version. Made according to the customer's technical plan. A week and a half is spent on work.(Project: Noblegarden) 3) Stranglethorn Vale. Redesigned according to the customer's technical plan. At work spent a month. (Project: Tales of time) 4) Tanaris. Redesigned according to the customer's technical plan. A week and a half is spent on work. (Project: Tales of time) 5) Thousand Needles. Redesigned according to the customer's technical plan. A week is spent on work. (Project: Tales of time) If your project requires the creation of new zones, then contact me on Skype (schumaher_ghy) or Discord (Sir squirrel(Morvill)#5741). Also, you can find me in a discord on the channel Wowdev team. The price is negotiable. For large projects, prepayment is required.
  19. When deleting an object. I presume a WMO of sorts the frustrum check still seems to be in place here. The chunks behind the object still seem to dissapear despite the object clearly being deleted. Does anyone have a remedy for this? In the screenshot there use to be a wall here. An idea I have... would I be expected to re-run mmaps, vmaps, etc with the patch implemented to fix this on the client side? Here is video showing this in real time camera movement: What I dont expect to see: What I expect to see:
  20. HI, I've been having some issues compiling the latest version of "Noggit QT". Is there anyone here who has a recently compiled this program that could send me a link? Thank you!
  21. Hello all, My name is Peacy and myself along with 4 other coders are creating a custom blizlike quality server. This server has been straining us for quite some time but with each passing day we are nearing ever closer to completion! We are in need of Noggit zone developers. The zones we currently need to be done are Thousand Needles, Stranglethorn, and Westfall. This will be a paid position, and we appreciate our Noggit developers. If you are interested in making a zone for us please message me back here or contact me on skype (Priestchick). Thanks!
  22. V2 - Benötigten Programme einrichten Es wurde ein Packet erstellt, in dem alles erhalten sein sollte, was wir nun für einen Start in einer guten WoWModding Umgebung brauchen werden und für das Tutorial bestimmt vorhanden sein muss. Ihr brauch im späteren Verlauf auch solche Umgebungen und daher gleich der Hinweis, haltet die Umgebung so "sauber" und geordnet wie es nur möglich ist um empfindlichkeitsfehler zu vermeiden. Die Installation wird zwar einige Zeit in Anspruch nehmen, aber dafür spart ihr diese später ein und verhindert zeitgleich Probleme, wie zerschossene World of Warcraft Dateien oder dass ihr die falschen Dateien bearbeitet bzw. die falschen Programme verwendet. Ladet nun bitte dieses .zip Archiv runter und extrahiert es in eines der Oberverzeichnisse eurer Festplatten. Diese sollte: mindestens 70Gb freien Speicherplatz haben einen der folgenden Laufwerksbuchstaben haben: C, D, E, FErstellt euch gleich am besten den Modding-Ordner, der bei euch richtig wäre. Beispiel: C:\WoWModding\D:\WoWModding\E:\WoWModding\F:\WoWModding\ Wenn ihr F verwendet, so werden die Pfade im Rest des Tutorials überein stimmen; ansonsten verwendet bitte euren Hausverstand und nehmt euren entsprechenden Laufwerkbuchstaben! Ihr habt nun also einen Ordner namens wowmodding auf der Festplatte, der so aussehen sollte, wie auf dem Bild, wenn ihr die .zip-Datein extrahiert habt und alles hinein kopiert. V2.1. - Ordner (-chaos) Als kurze erklärung, erfährt ihr hier kurz was für was ist - also noch mehr Theoriewissen =) Client335aNoggit = Das "QuellWoW" für Noggit. Tut euch den gefallen und haltet ihn "clean". Noggit mag euch sonst nicht mehr.Client335aTest = Das "QuellWoW" für den Modelviewer und zum Patch testenClient Files = Alle aus dem Client extrahierten Dateien. So seht ihr schnell wo was ist bzw. wie so ein Patch aufgebaut ist.Projects = Der Ordner, der alle unsere Projekte sindTools = Anwendungen und nützliche Sachen, die wir in den Tutorials verwenden werden. ( Im späteren Verlauf, werdet ihr merken das immer mehr dazu kommen wird, so habt ihr dann schon ein "Schrankfach") Nun eine Liste von allem, was sich so in Tools findet, auch wenn es nun etwas verwirrend sein wird - sobald ihr etwas fortgeschrittener seit, wisst ihr schon was damit anzufangen ist: 010Templates = Templates für den 010 Hex Editor um einfacher hex-Modifikationen an Dateien vornehmen zu können.ADTAdder = Ein Programm um neue ADTs aus einer Quell-ADT zu erstellen.AllWaterGui = Ein grafisch gestalltetes Programm um das Wasser auf einer ADT zu bearbeiten.BLPConverter = Konvertiert PNG in BLP Dateien und umgekehrt.BLPShellExtention = Zeigt BLP Dateien als Thumbnails (kleine Vorschaubildchen im Ordner).CMD = Einige notwendige CMD ProgrammeDriveLetter = Installationsdateien für dieses Packet. Setzt die Konfigurationsdateien of den von euch verwendeteten Buchstaben.FuTa = Ein ADT alpha-map Importier- und Exportierprogramm. Nützlich, um schnell zu texturieren.MPQEdit.1.1 = Verwaltet MPQ Dateien (öffnen, extrahieren, erstellen).MPQEdit 3.2 = Verwaltet MPQ Dateien (öffnen, extrahieren, erstellen).MyDBCEditor = Ein Modifikationsprogramm für DBCsNoggitSDL = Ein ADT-BearbeitungsprogrammNoggit1.4 = Ein weiteres ADT-Bearbeitungsprogramm, sofern gedownloadedProjectTemplate = Eine leere Ordnerstruktur, von der aus ein Projekte gestartet wird.Taliis = Ein Programm um WoW Dateien zu modifizieren. Wir nutzen es um WDTs zu erstellen.WoWModelViewer7 = Guckt euch M2 und WMO Objekte an und nutzt dieses Programm um sie in Noggit zu importieren V2.2 - Moddingumgebung einrichten Nachdem ihr die Dateien entpackt habt müsst ihr die folgenden Schritte befolgen, um alles zum Laufen zu bekommen. >>> Öffnet den folgenden Ordner F:\WoWModding\Tools\DriveLetter >>> Öffnet den Unterordner, der zu eurer Festplatte passt und kopiert den enthaltenen Tools Ordner in den folgenden Pfad. Überschreibt hierbei alle vorhanden Dateien. F:\WoWModding Dies kopiert die Konfigurationsdateien einiger Anwendungen, so dass diese nun auf euren Laufwerksbuchstaben zugeschnitten sind - wie gesagt - sofern nicht F, bitte mitdenken! >>> Kopiert den Inhalt von einem sauberen (sprich originalen) World of Warcraft Stand 3.3.5a in die beiden Client Ordner. Schiebt da nicht einfach nur einen World of Warcraft Ordner rein: das wird nicht funktionieren, siehe Bild - so sollte es aussehen: F:\WoWModding\Client335aNoggit F:\WoWModding\Client335aTest >>> Öffnet nun die folgenden Anwendungen, um zu sehen ob alles geht. F:\WoWModding\Tools\NoggitSDL\noggit.exe F:\WoWModding\Tools\WoWModelViewer7\wowmodelview.exe V2.2.1 - Die MPQs zerteilen/extrahieren Um dies zu vermeiden extrahiert alle MPQs in der nachfolgenden Reihenfolge in ClientFiles und überschreibt immer brav vorhandene Dateien. Alle MPQs, die in ClientFiles müssen sind. Aus dem WoW/Data Ordner (Nehmt dazu Client335aTest): common.MPQcommon-2.MPQexpansion.MPQlichking.MPQpatch.MPQpatch-2.MPQpatch-3.MPQAus eurem lokalen Ordner (deDE, enUS, enGB, ruRU etc.): locale-enUS.MPQexpansion-locale-enUS.MPQlichking-locale-enUS.MPQpatch-enUS.MPQpatch-enUS-2.MPQpatch-enUS-3.MPQ >>> Öffnet dazu MPQEdit 3.2 aus dem Tools Ordner. >>> MENU > File > Open MPQ >>> Wählt die erste Datei ganz oben (links!) und öffnet sie (In diesem Fall ist es die common.MPQ im WoW/Data Ordner. Zur erinnerung nehmt die Pacthes aus Client335aTest) Wählt die erste Dateiliste von oben aus und öffnet sie. Es ist die common.mpq im WoW/Data Ordner. Nehmt einfach die MPQs aus Client335aTest. Links seht ihr die Struktur in der MPQ. Wählt hier den obersten Ordner aus, wie im Bild gezeigt. >>> MENU > Operations > Extract Setzt alle Optionen so, wie es im folgenden Bild gezeigt wird. Der Pfad sollte auf das folgende Verzeichnis zeigen: F:\WoWModding\ClientFiles Der MPQEditor wird nun alle Dateien aus dem Verzeichnis in das Zielverzeichnis kopieren bzw. extrahieren. >>> Wiederholt das mit allen MPQs aus den Listen oben. Jetzt habt ihr die richtigen Dateien immer zu Hand und könnt sie auch mit eurer OS-Suchfunktion über den Dateinamen finden. Ihr solltet die BLPShellExtention aus dem Toolordner installieren. Es wird .BLPs eine Miniansicht hinzufügen, was nicht mit "Ansicht->Große Symbole" gemeint ist, da man .blp's unkonvertiert nicht sehen kann und somit das ganze ein Stück leichter macht. So könnt ihr Bilder und Texturen schneller finden. Sollte dann so aussehen: >>> F:\WoWModding\Tools\BLPShellExtention -> BLPView1.2.exe Nun sollte alles einsatzbereit sein. Im nächsten Kapitel wird eine Testserver aufgesetzt. Wenn euch das nicht interessiert überspringt es einfach und lest im übernächsten nach, wie wir unsere erste Insel in Noggit bauen. Ich möchte zu bedenken geben: Auch wenn ihr einen Root-Server habt, ist ein eigener Lokaler Server in sofern praktisch, das ihr damit wahrlich testen könnt. Und sollte mal was schief rennen, könnt ihr diesen Server schneller wieder neu aufsetzen als einen Root!
  23. Hi there ! As I'm not quite sure to know where the problem originates, I'm posting in misc. I'm actually following Amaroth's english tutorials and I just started painting mountains and beach of a small test island. On Noggit (Version compiled from repo a week ago), it looks like this : But in game (WotLK), it looks like this with low shadows : And like this with all parameters to ultra : The first screen displaying noggit was made AFTER I saw the problem, so as you can see, most of the textures are fine, but there are still some stripes on the left that were definitely not there when I painted it, and the chunk near the circled cursor got pretty weird too. Maybe it's a very simple problem I don't know (But I hope so !). I tried to search for it but I didn't find anything, so if you have any idea, please let me know.
  24. Posting what I did on modcraft here as well :). I don't post much on the forums but I do however read quite a bit, the one thing I am getting a strong sense of, is how people want to move past WOTLK and onto the later expansions. (I am one of them ). I am also noticing at least 2 reasons as to why people have not so far. 1. To many different tools are needed to do so, alot of different tasks are needed to be done by to many different applications, when, in reality, the process could be simplified and integrated into 1 program (Noggit). For Example: Instead of using futa and adt adder then the offset fix and gruul me (4 different applications) to get your first map up and running. You can have a "Create New Map" button in noggit. When clicked it would ask you to input the map name, base texture, if you want it covered in water and what kind of water, and the general height of the adt. After all that is put in you hit a create button. Then a progress bar will show up as noggit automatically creates the adt files, does the offset fix, creates the wdt and wdl files all in one swoop. All that is left is for you to do the Map and Area DBC for it to be recognized. We have the source for all these programs if I remember correctly? You would still need Futa for alpha maps but the other 3 programs you would not need anymore. Basically intergrate the tools we are already using into 1 program instead of being split into many different programs. Gruulme would still have its use as well outside of noggit for if you change the size of your map or something like that, but I am sure that could be intergrated as well. I think you get the idea . 2. The other reason I think people aren't moving past wotlk is the server emulation. To be honest the other cores no matter how you slice it are not up to snuff with wotlk, which is no suprize. To be honest I could careless if everything is spawned and 100% blizzlike gameplay. I would rather have the empty sandbox where nothing is spawned but all the systems like say (spells, professions, questing, talents etc... etc..) are working 100%, spawning and such can come later (as that really is a ton of work). Besides, we are here to create our own gameworld inside the world of warcraft universe, why would we need the blizzlike spawns and encouners to be blizzlike scripted? No idea how to fix this one, besides just waiting . Those are the 2 main things I have noticed. We have an ADT converter, a wdt converter which can convert and create the necessary files needed for maps to be recognized in WOD (ADT, WDL, WDT). We have a M2 and WMO converter which can convert down to WOTLK or WOD. Which means we have the ability to read those specific files and convert them down and up correct, with the sources on how to do so? So if all that information and such is integrated into noggit we should be able to read and write adt files in noggit for later expansions (WOD mainly). We can use the info from the M2 and WMO converter to be able to render those objects in noggit (cause it would need to know how to read the M2 and WMO files). So that convers the maps and all the objects in that version of the game. We have the information, all that is left is to make it a reality right? Maybe its just me lol, I just believe all this stuff could be simplified greatly to make things quite a bit easier for everybody to do, so wow modding as a whole, can move past wotlk. I have actually tried to learn how to code in c++ (spent quite a lot of time on it actually) just so I could help with these things or do them myself, just, it didn't stick very well so it is gonna be quite a long time before I can be of use with these things as I need to learn it. Hopefully this helps with giving the people that can code, the ideas and thoughts needed to help things move forward? I would really love to see things step forward, as a whole.