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Found 47 results

  1. Hello together I am new in these Forums because I search for help and maybe I find it here. I want to add to the human model a tail. I used the Draenei tail because it has it own bones already. But if I want to import it from m2i to m2 with the m2mod, I get the following error: Does that mean, that it doesn't even work, to attach the draenei tail to the human model? And if so, how can I work around this? Thanks in advance
  2. I've noticed that on maps like Kalimdor in areas where the skybox is simply the hardcoded default one, the visibility distance of terrain specifically seems to be far greater than on a custom map also using the default hardcoded skybox. Anyone know a reason for this?
  3. Yo, my bad if this question was solved elsewhere. I've got a weird issue with my water in Noggit. On a previous project I had no problems, now however, after a major crash and data corruption (maybe noggit got bugged?) the water appears all on the same level, (in this case 0.00). The water should be at 0.0 and -37.00 below the falls. I deleted all water and relaid it out but the problem persists. Any ideas? All water pictured appears in Noggit and should be should be locked at -37.00 height however appears level at 0.00 in game.*
  4. Hi There So after few attempts i decided to ask for help here . I was editing a existing map of Stormwind area and gave been trying to make it run with private server to test my work but , nothings seems to be working. I have created a new MPQ file , i have put in it Noggit Projects " World " folder and then move it to my Client data folder location as an MPQ archive Screen Shoot . When i log in to a game there is no changes visible at adts that i have added to Patch-4.mpq , is there any serverside modifictaion needed to make Trinity read those changes ? Please help , Thanks :]
  5. Hello there everyone, coming here again with some probably super simple problem but too bad am challenged so her it goes, I was doing a mass downport of creatures from bfa to wotlk and everything seems to be going well, every m2 read its own hardcoded texture with no problem, except only one. idk the full name of it but its processed as "allianceshipmount" . Ive got all 10 textures that he needs and he still stays white, just refuses to read them (they are in the right spot,triple checked + dowloaded them from multiple sources so they arent corupted)
  6. Syama108

    help Error Crash

    When I run around in my custom map random the game crashes. Any idea why this is happening? World of WarCraft (build 12340) Exe: C:\ProjectFolder\Client335aNoggit\Wow.exe Time: Dec 25, 2018 4:06:06.020 PM User: User1 Computer: LAPTOP-H8KGRS4L ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This application has encountered a critical error: ERROR #132 (0x85100084) Fatal Exception Program: C:\ProjectFolder\Client335aNoggit\Wow.exe Exception: 0xC0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION) at 0023:007B31F8 The instruction at "0x007B31F8" referenced memory at "0x00000010". The memory could not be "read".
  7. Всем привет. Я ищу решения моей проблемы воспроизведения звуков M2 моделей в WOTLK. Я переехала модели M2 на карте от швабры. В SoundEntries.dbc я добавил новую строку со звуком для этой модели и путь к ней. С помощью редактора 010 в модели м2, в строке $ДСЛ, я написал значение, что означает номер строки со звуком в SoundEntries.dbc Then everything that I put in your MPQ , но при запуске игры в любом случае, эта модель м2 не воспроизводит звук. Что я сделал не так? Я буду очень признателен каждому
  8. Hello! Can someone give me a right direction so I could implement my own dynamic world state nodes, like Alterac valley graveyards, Seething shore azerite nodes, and WSG Flag carrier mapping . I got no problems with simple on-zone world states like Resources attached to some zone, but now I'm looking for server or clientside code to link some states to Map and mini map. I have my WorldStateUI.dbc open and made my custom lines but how can I attach them to in-game Map and mini map UI? For example, I see world states when a WS flag in on player but then I can't find that 1545 world state in WorldStateUI.dbc or in server side source code. So where should I dig to find dynamic world state stuff and map/mini map UI ?
  9. Okay so, I've made custom models before by just adding or removing a mesh. And maybe edit the texture and UV map... But when it comes down to Cata models, they always attach themselves to a singular bone rather than the one I assigned it to. Like... Let's say I want to give a model a weird tendril coming out of his/her mouth or eyes. So I assign it to whatever bone# is in the head, but instead of following said bone it instead follows the chest or arm rather than the head. And this just repeats over and over with any bone I touch. Please help!
  10. Hey,I'm looking for find sound of Uldir Boss in my native language (French), but i only found them in english actually on YouTube..I try wih a CascExplorer but i cant find Taloc or any other boss in the sound Category in the files.If anyone can be kind w me and explain me how / where i can find these sounds in french language i'll be very gratefull. I already tried wowhead database sound but i only found boss sounds like when they take a hit or when they hit but not the sentence like in this video : Any help would be welcome.. Thanks a lot !
  11. Hello everyone. Could someone point me into the right direction for a tutorial on how to add shadows to objects or explain to me what I should do. Thank you everyone and have a nice weekend =))) Legit
  12. Hello guys i am having problems verting Vulpera to WOTLK, i am trying to convert it from m2i to m2 but i am having this trouble Also i am having a problem when i try to wrap the rear part of the head that i has to go at the 00_00_extra file
  13. Hello. I am back with more noob questions. So in my previous topic I asked if it was possible if i could get gilnean voices in 3.3.5a and I managed to do it, but now I'm struggling to get roar sounds in 3.3.5a. Am I doing something wrong or is it not possible to implement the roar sounds into wotlk 3.3.5a? Thanks again and happy nogging/modding etc =D
  14. So... I finally improved this terrifying flying beast, only to discover that I absolutely do not know how to bring it into game. So... Yeah, i guess i need a little help, if anyone interested. Please?
  15. Hello. So I am exploring creature files and it seems i can't find travel form and Treant form for druids. Can someone tell me where I can find these models in the files. Thanks in advance and have a nice day!
  16. Help me pls. I want model Ysera from Cata to WolK 3.3.5 and her CreatureModelData
  17. Hello all, I have a problem with my m2 I am working on. I can't see it in game, all I see is a shadow. I am using mdx to m2 lazy I have done this before no problem but for some reason it is giving me trouble now. I think it is possibly a texture issue but I'm unsure. any ideas?
  18. Hello there. I'm trying to enable all the skins for the menu... Aaaand I got the Demon Hunter enable for Blood elfs (Whatever class u want) but! I want add like the skin of DarkForest (Red eyes and stuff) or Dwarf Wildhammer (Blue/red tattoos) or Dark Iron Dwarf. In the game exist, but i don't know how make this enable for the menu. When I add news IDs in Charsections with the info new... the worldserver crash and down. So what can i do? I have this: Yes, i know is some kind of change in the database (MySQL) but what exactly? Or is something about the Core of Trinity? Here? Can somebody help me ? ;_; Please... (Srry for the poor english xD)
  19. Sup guys, i try converted map legion to 3.3.5a "map BrokenShoreScenario" but, this map originate crash whit my wow.exe. I follow the next tutorial: i used wmo-adt- and m2 converted Screen of map More screens: Screen crash wow.exe anyone knows a fix? sorry for My english is low...
  20. Hello wow modders, I'm working on a project on which barrens is turned into a twilight zone and uses a lot of purple textures in the same way as used in Twilight Highlands. But the textures I use, in cata expansion have some sort of reflective layer which makes them look not only cool but also makes the zone look much detailed and not that empty and boring as it looks in WOTLK. Is there any way I could edit textures to make them "reflective". Thanks. p.s I uploaded some pics. Two of them show the zones as they look in cata and two others in wotlk.Maybe you can see at the pics of what I mean with "reflective" in case you didn't understand in the beginning.
  21. Hello there, I have a problem with Legion Textures showing as totally green. Strangely enough it is only some of them... Well still most of them. Anyway, I have tried converting the image to indexed color - doesn't work. Tried to convert the image from 32 bit to 8 bit - doesn't work. I also tried to use BLiPster and convert with character texture - didn't work either. Does anyone know how to fix this? Please any tips much appriciated. EDIT: WORKS NOW. Turned out I had foward slashes (/) instead of backward slashes (\) in the dbc file. For anyone stupid like me. Works like a flaw now:
  22. Hey I recently moved over to Cataclysm 4.3.4 from WOTLK 3.3.5a and decided to port over the itemdisplayinfo.dbc information (From what I saw it has the exact same layout) so I updated it and ported it in, however... ingame the weapons /items from expansions above 4.3.4 are showing as blue/white checker-ed boxes, just curious as to what is causing it.. ItemDisplayInfo.dbc Line (example) : Could it be the conversion from WOTLK > 4.3.4 causing the problem? does it mean that the m2/skin files have not ported up correctly? When this happened before that they were done incorrectly, the model would cause a client crash however that isn't happening. I've tried with both the 010 editor script from this website (WLK > Cata) and a file called jM2converter but both have the same box outcome. Any help would be appreciated, unless the layout of the DBC is different to 3.3.5a when I copied it.. but from what I can see, it was the same.
  23. Hi. I am trying to use one of the new legion widescreen loading screens in 3.3.5, but they just change back into small screen mode when i try to load them. Is this possible?
  24. Heya, guys. I'm new to the modeling scene for WoW, so I apologize for any "noob" things I may say/do. I am eager to learn, however I have hit a massive road block. As of now, I only have Legion installed, so the only way I can get updated models from my Casc Viewer is by using my Legion client. Well, because of this, when I extract .m2s and other data, I'm required to use m2Mod to convert it to an m2i so I can use Blender, texture, and downport or whatever. I'm pretty sure that's what I need to do. Well, in this situation, I get stuck on the conversion from the Legion .m2 file to the m2Mod file. I have one of two issues. My first being the .m2 file is usally yelling and saying it's corrupt, and the second being if I use the multiconverter, I get another fun error when I convert it after the multiconvert "fixes" it. So I'm not sure what to do here, and any and all help is appreciated. Also, I'm new to the forum and I apologize if this isn't in the right section!
  25. So, I'm trying to convert an object into WMO format using the blender plugin. I get it exported just fine, ingame I see nothing but the collision is working. I don't know what DBC groups to put it is, I don't know what export settings so I just go with default. It's a dock wmo, so fully outdoors, no portals. Please help :(.