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Found 42 results

  1. Version 1.2.0


    Releasing Bizmo's Brawlpub/Deeprun Dram Pub + Assets. Does not include Gameobject/NPC Spawns or DBCS Contains: Deeprun WMO With Brawlpub + textures Deeprun m2 files with textures. Contains Mapfiles Contains Minimap files.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is model of a Antaeus from Hostile Waters Antaeus Rising from 2001 developer by Rage this model was extracted from the game and ported to wow in two version first is rusty version that you play as in first 7 levels and then the renred version after Antaeus is fixed after sitting on seafloor for like 20 years or so
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Viridian Phase-Hunter - Possible New Warpstalker Mount from Burning Crusade Classic Promotion
  4. Version 1.0.0


    BFA Bee Mount, usable as a flying mount. 3.3.5a wotlk retro port.
  5. Hello to the community. Yes, i'm another 'newbie' here and in modding. I'm crawling the tutorials and playing a bit with noggit and 3.3.5a and I have successfully created a map. But I'm curious about models though. How does retroporting work? I know how to work with models from existing patches with model viewer and noggit - that knowledge just came recently after a bit of meddling, but I know I can't just take the 9.1 m2 and wmo and expect them to work, but even when I convert them with newest multiconverter, Model Viewer shows nothing (at least it not crashing like previous times). Is there something more to the process? And how could I use own stuff?
  6. Version v1


    This script for 010editor converts Wrath of the Lich King .M2 and .SKIN files to Cataclysm, Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor. Supports: -Cameras. -Particles. -Animation flags. -Projected shadows. -Transparency flags. -Blend mode overrides. Also includes: -Batch file converter. -Shadow remover script. -Sequence flag remover script. -Skin template for 010editor with shadow batches added. DOWNLOAD Some notes and technical information: -make sure you are working on "OVR" mode before running the script. Projected shadows As you may know, projected shadows are stored inside the .skin file since Cataclysm. This script creates shadows for all texture units, including those with additive materials. If you want to remove the shadows from a specific geoset, just open the skin file with 010editor, run the skin template included inside the tools folder and delete the texture batch corresponing to that mesh. If you want to remove ALL shadows from a model, just use the "Cataclysm Shadow Remover" included in the tools folder (it's useful for stuff like fire or lights, that are not supposed to cast a shadow). As you can see, the glow, which is a billboarded square with addivite renderflag, is casting a shadow and the game can't handle shadows with additive materials. To remove it I selected its shadow batch, deleted it and reduced the shadow batch count by 1 in 010editor. More info in this video: Flying mount animations In WotLK, mounts use swimming animations for flying. Since Cataclysm, however, there are separate ids for swimming and flying since flying mounts can now be used as ground mounts and therefore swim. But, if a mount model doesn't have fly animations, the game will use its swimming animations. That's why this script doesn't duplicate them. It's not necessary. WotLK flying mounts should still work perfectly in Cata, MoP and WoD. Reflections This script doesn't convert reflections since there is no exact way to know when a texture unit is used for a reflection, glow, etc. So you must do it by hand. Just open your skin file, convert it to Cata+, go to the texunit with the reflection and change its shader to "144". Here is an example using "Creature\Murloc\": You can change the "texunit" and "texunit2" fields to "0" but it's optional since those fields are unused since Cataclysm, but just in case. Animation sequence flags Sequence flags are 128 digits bigger since Cataclysm. Without these flags some animation frames loop when they shouldn't and sequences don't blend correctly. This script fixes that problem and gives smoothness to the animations. If you want to remove the extra flags for some reason, just run the "Cataclysm Sequence Flag Remover" script included in the tools folder
  7. I said it in january, I did it in June but it's finally here ! In this tutorial I'll explain to you how to clone particles from a model to another one with the help of ParticleCloner, a tool made by Tigurius. This tool is old, so it doesn't work with Cata+ models since the structure of the m2's has changed. I didn't tried with spell models from Cata and up (only doodads or creatures), maybe it's different and it can work, but not sure. EDIT : it can load WoD or Legion models, but it's pretty random, if the models are similars it can work, sometimes not, just do some tests and try. What programs do we need ? - ParticleCloner - 010 editor (with m2 template) What's the process ? First, choose the particles you need in WowModelViewer on the model that you want. For this tuto I choose particles from the spell Arcane_form_precast.m2 to put on 2 models, one without bones or animations, and one with both : misc_2h_pitchfork_a_01.m2 and sheep.m2 . To make the transfert, select first the "destination" model, CTRL+left click to select the second "source" model and drag&drop on the application. (Always do backups if you did it in the wrong way, this program overwrite the original file ! ) When it's done, you'll have the particles at the same place of its original model. Now, you certainly want to move the particles to the right place. Open the m2 with 010editor and load the M2 Template. Go to the end of the file at the line " struct Particle ". You'll have all the informations you need, the attached bones, coordinates, etc... Particles have the bone from the original model, for a simple animation like this, there's only one bone. For this fire, there's three elements (flames, smoke and sparks), so there's 3 bones. I used it for a Sargeras model. You have to set the number of the bone where you want the particles to be. To move it to the right place, go to the " struct FloatVec3 pos " line. As you can see on the picture above, I modified the values on the x axis. You can change what you want to have the good coords. Just try and retry with the help of WMV to visualize the result. For the sheep, I set the particles on bone 3 who's attached to the head. This tool can copy the texture path of the BLPs used by the particles. But when you'll go ingame to see if it works, you'll have little cubes instead of the texture. WMV can load them, but not WoW. Why ? Because the tool does some mess too. In the " struct VModelFileName " 1 & 2, you have random symbols at " struct filename texture > string value " . Delete all and reload the template, or save and close the model. Do it for each particle in your model. And it's finally done ! Good job, you can manage particles ! PS : for unknown reasons, my fork is invisible ingame after I added the particles on it. Maybe because the model doesn't have enough "informations" in it because it's a little model, or because there's no bones in the original model. I don't know. Maybe one of you will find the solution ?
  8. I have a simple question. Is it possible to import character models remde in Shadowlands for example humanfemale_hd and others. I did it about a year ago and now I have no problem in importing Vulpera male. Only the new models are problematic (I tried also other models). I was using Blender 2.79b and M2Mod v8.3.0 with 8.2.0 scripts for import M2I.
  9. Welcome to this quick guide. ** DISCLAIMER ** This will NOT downport character models Since many of you have been PMing me desperately asking : "How do you downport this shit man??" Here you go. Enjoy. Tools needed: CascExplorer Adspartan's Multiconverter BfA Listfile (put this in your CascExplorer folder) Thanks to Wungasaurus for the correct listfile ------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy your new models, homeboy
  10. Version 1.0.0


    This tool was made by to me unknown developer and posted on wow modding discord a long time ago but thru numerous occasions ppl were too lazy to seach for it so im pinning it here This version of FixTXID is modified and recompiled slightly by me beacuse it was stopping with each convert waiting for user input so I removed that function Usage: Download THIS LISTFILE from and place it next to the FixTXID.exe Drag'n'drop M2s(that still have TXID chunk) on it You can also run cmd loop --- Example : for /r %%i in (*.m2) do FixTXID.exe "%%i"
  11. Version Sources


    Someone picked up the development, go >here< to follow the progress and send your issues Here is my multi converter, it can convert m2, wmo, adt, wdt and anim (7.3.5) from Legion to be used on wotlk (map can be visited with the client or edited with noggit). M2 using .skel are not supported. To use it just open it then drag and drop the files you want to convert (or a folder containing some, subfolder included) and click on "Fix", the files will be overwritten and it will delete the files that are unused on wotlk. If the .skin files are in the same folder they will be converted too. M2 already converted to LK format won't be converted again. As for WMO converting them multiple time won't affect them. ADT need their _tex0 and _obj0 counterpart to be converted. Warning: don't take the WDL files from blizzard, they have changed and causes wow error. Warning 2: the next releases of Noggit will require you to use the version 3.3 or newer, the m2 converted with the old versions were missing some data that Noggit now need, without it'll crash. What needs to be done : Fix forward flying animation for a few models Animation particles Set WMOs liquid types that correspond when the ID is too high Set fel liquid to green lava on adt for a better / more accurate look Some map might not look good because several effect like texture scaling that aren't there in wotlk, the 2 additional layers for texture introduced in wod, ... For those who want to report a problem : Tell me on which model(s) you've seen the problem and add screen(s), it help me fixing the problem faster. And send me your error.log where there are errors during the conversion !! And please use an external website to upload the screens because each time I upload a new version the screenshots in comments appear in the changelog for some reasons and I have to delete them which also delete them from the comments Thanks a lot to : All those who contributed / are contributing to the wiki, I couldn't have done it without this precious source of informations! Mjollna for her m2 converter and awesome ADT diagram! PhillipTNG for his m2 conversion script which helped me write mine in the beginning. Sources are now available, see last release.
  12. Please help with retroporting items from the set I can easily retroport the helmet and shoulder's because they have m2, anim and BLP files, and are not tied to the geogrid of the character model. What do I need to do in order to transfer the rest of the items from the set that are tied to the character's geogrid? Do I have to combine item and character models from WOTLK in Blender?
  13. Many objects are being culled when they should not be. I understand that objects fade out past specific view distances, although these instantly flash in and out of sight. Here are some examples. This does not appear to be remedied by scaling or changing rotations of the object, or even changing it's location... strange enough. This fence example, each object was CTRL+C pasted from one another and moved to fit. I am using Noggit 3.1222, I tried saving ADT in other versions although everytime I save the ADT my camera gets launched into the sky when I fly in that area, so. Not sure what that's about but this noggit version is the only one that appears to work for me to save ADT. Here is Example: Happens for many other objects too, rocks, random stuff. Please give me any info, I don't want to be spoonfed, but I would like to read and learn more to avoid and remedy this type of thing. Thanks <3 :*
  14. Version 1.2


    I've decided to share some of my custom made models made for nearly finished Dragon Isles zone. I hope somebody finds use for these models. It is likely I will add more in future, or change the existing ones. If you run into any issues with the models, write it down to the comment or PM me, I will do my best to gest those fixed. Patch-M contains: M2 and WMO models with textures and all non WoTLK M2s doodads used for the models. If you are interested in Dragon Isles custom zone, which makes use of these models:!LZxHDIQa!zCLRjttIxUXP_VtnlXBH9Jb52QQzrqpUR5j10SAFufM Update 1 - 1.1 - Added more models - Dragon Towers, Dragon Stones, Dragon Tablets, Dragon Vasas - each model has a normal and a damaged variant. - Fixed some texture issues, fixed a missing model issue. - Minor changes to doodad sets. - Added more vertex paint. - Slightly decreased patch size - most of useless files were removed. Update 2 - 1.2 - The Master's lair model is more detailed now. - Fixed the shader on the dwarven ship. More details were also added.
  15. Version 1.0


    This patch contains all available (those we have a lisfile for) models from Legion Beta converted on WoTLK (3.3.5a). It does not contain .ADTs and other map related files. The aim of this release is to enlarge the range of assets worldbuilders can use for creating zones. Decyphering key: !D23xKXVQlOTgbo1MJG1c2LBcl8LBXwck9V138ED4Qjs
  16. Version 1.0.0


    [Patch] Cata till MoP To help other or newbies in the community, i will share my patches whi i collected over moths and years in the community, Prefer to use at Noggit or Modelviewer. You can also find Maps, titlesets, textures ect. Please say it is something missing. Warning/Note: I check up, that nothing is broking. Short: I sorted broken files out. I know, most of the Azeroth special MoP-wmo's are missing, for example the Hobbit-like-hoods! =) Decryption-Key: Link 1: !h64voaMrlnR1_KwRWIv-dihPcVZjvM29uJH2sDhDMXc Link 2: !XyNp7SbJ8f817aQwp4uMw6De_o3Q_f8EapMESRwtv34 Link 3: !82Q_EsfEnRjFgRI66f31bA2o5Pv_iC1JcABuBkIhOnY Link 4: !BRPcuAqbodZ4Xqw7nhbp58JCkkqC_p-GptNUPuCNolc
  17. The addon allows you to import any M2 or WMO without conversion: either an extracted one from somewhere on your computer or directly from WoW Model Viewer. In both cases, the addon will do its best to find the required textures, doodads, etc. and import them automatically, unless you tell it otherwise.
  18. Version 1.1


    m2 files from BfA (alpha) to wotlk in rar Tutorial: -extract files -import world folder to patch.mpq (sorry for my bad english)
  19. Hello I am looking for an ergonomic (simple to use) .WMO and .M2 viewer like WoW Model Viewer but it will not crash on a 3.3.5. World of Warcraft client. I am looking for a simple model viewer that does not need to be compiled and other complex requirements. Ideally the model viewer just asks for data location directories and comes with an .exe file included. Also I am using windows if that helps; are there any suggestions? I know that there was this really good model viewer I used in the past that had 3.3.5. support with .WMO and .M2 support but my older computer is dead and I forgot which program it was. I obtained it from one of the helpful community members here I think?
  20. Version 1.0.0


    This template for 010 editor allows you to modify PHYS files from Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor. DOWNLOAD Some notes and technical information: How to load a PHYS file in-game Change your model globalflags to 32 (or 160 if your model casts shadows as well): The bones with physics must have flag 1024: Bone coordinates Bones with physics will take their position coordinates from the phys file and ignore the position given in the m2. Position is set in the WELJ, SHOJ or SPHJ chunks. Bone hierarchy Bones with physics will not be affected by the rotation, scaling and translation of the parent bones unless they are added as an attachment. As you can see in the image above, the gourds with physics are not affected by the m2 animation and will only move if their coordinate in the world changes. This is why Blizzard makes separate m2 files for parts with physics. Exampe: creature/fishmount/fishmount.m2 (base model without physics) creature/fishmount/fishmount_wiskersleft.m2 (left wisker with physics) creature/fishmount/fishmount_wiskersright.m2 (right wisker with physics) The wiskers from the fish mount are in different m2 files, attached server-side as a vehicle accessory. You can also add them as spells or items. If the whiskers were part of the base model, they will just be floating next to the head, since they would not be affected by the parent bone movement. It's not necessary to separate meshes with physics if your model is static (i.e. helmets, weapons, shoulder pads, etc.). However you can add physics to a bone, and animate all the bones connected to it. (Since 7.1 models with physics don't have to be separated - See as an example) Difference between MoP and WoD The Phys file structure is the same for MoP and WoD. However, the only thing I noticed is that in MoP physics are more sensitive and the shapes feel lighter.
  21. Hello all, I have a problem with my m2 I am working on. I can't see it in game, all I see is a shadow. I am using mdx to m2 lazy I have done this before no problem but for some reason it is giving me trouble now. I think it is possibly a texture issue but I'm unsure. any ideas?
  22. Hi there I am wanna say first that I am very sorry if I happen to post in the wrong section but to my eyes this seem like the right way. I have currently tried a few editing thru out wow history. XVI32 . First model program I ever used. Now adays I want to change the new model of Undead Male HD back to SD model. I have now seen a lot of guides how to use Blender as this seemed to me like the method to do this. But yet so many questions remain. Can Anyone help me in this case? I do really only wish to see the old Undead Male character back in the game so that I can enjoy wow like I used to. If anyone happen to lay in with the file or so to say information I would very much appreciate your assistance. Have a great day. :-) OBS: We r talking live client Legion 7.3 I do not like the new character models.
  23. Hey! I got the legion Medivh model, converted to m2i and edited in Blender. I then exported it to m2i, converted back to m2, and also used jM2 to convert to Cata format. However, when I try to view it in WMV, it does not have any wireframe.