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Found 14 results

  1. Hey, hope you're all doing well, me and my brother made a map, in fact this map was started long ago but I've been very busy and barely found the time to finish it, so I'm showing you my progress. It is an island, contains a small village, an apothecary "post",forests a road build upon a dried river bed etc. Hope you like it, do not hesitate to leave any comments,suggestions criticism etc.The images a bit messed up, so sometimes you see a village sometimes a shore, so be awared. Hopefully I could upload all the images here, cuz in Modcraft i could upload only 30 of them, which aren't a few but I wanted people to know the hard work I did. Thanks!
  2. Hey there model changers, this is a another entry for the Haradon project, after a while, this time I show you a village.Hope you like it! Brimstone three decades ago was a poor village where trade didn't exist because of it's location, it was hidden inside a valley, away from the trade routes and the sight of travellers. But with the discover of precious minerals found in the zones around the village and opening of the copper mine, according to the kingdom's laws the villagers got their profit thus greatly increasing the prosperity of the village.Even though it was in a location far away from the conflicts in the west and bordering the Swamps the signs of corruption were clear,the crops failed totally that year, a change in weather and air was making villagers feel more and more uncomfortable,thus they too joined the exodus to the Deadlands(The Swamps) together with the rest of the folk.
  3. This is another part of Haradon, this time Lightshire and the Road of the Weary Traveler. Lightshire has a pivotal role in the war against the corruption because of its location inside the corrupted areas. Lightshire right now is the only active town in the Plains of Haradon and is the center of resistance.
  4. Bardh

    Haradon general map

    This is the general map of the world of Haradon, I thank Skarn for his tutorial which made it possible for me to make this map. This is just a general design but not everything will look like this ingame.Currently the finished zones for the project are: Meadows of Tears, Brimstone, The Mighty Falls and Fogshire.
  5. Bardh


    Even though the Swamps were forbidden, Haradon would act as it pleased it the most, and so politics changed, aiming for the hidden treasures the land of Swamps could hold, Haradon permitted researches to explore the Swamps. The unexplored land of Swamps was undoublty rich in herbs, exotic soils and efficient alchemy, making the Swamps an area of great interest for Haradon. To ease the encumbrance of transportation and commodity management, Haradon established a trading base at the bottom of Haradon cliffs. What started as a base turned into a wholly independent town known as Fogshire, in reference to the foggy atmosphere dominating the area. Its inhabitants are people of Haradon, who've set ground for business and living. Even though out of Haradon authority, the town has kept good relations with Haradon, focused mainly on trading alchemical commodities and various herbs. Beside the invading crisis over Haradon, the town still supply untouched parts of Haradon, with various goods, mainly potions and elixirs. Drin Mehmeti, Haradon Project
  6. Version 3.0.0


    More information on the map like pics or other things can be found here: So I decided to release this map so the other could use it for whatever purposes, if anyone decides to distribute or publish maybe another version of it please give the credits to the author. Ports(trinity): .go xyz 13914.4 13006.4 15.5053 806
  7. Hey there, I haven't been active for a while, mostly for personal reasons, though I've been visiting the site every day. I'm here to show you a map I made for quite a while, I used some new techniques in texturing and terraining hope you like it, also please read the story. Millennias ago, lived a mystical lone creature with the size and power greater than a titan's. They say his name was Mievak and it used to wander the universe searching for one of it's kind. One day after an endless search he finally found his mate,named Vuthinda. They lived in a small unknow planet where they built their home and dreamed about their future. But one day when the war between the Titans and Demons was at it's peak Vuthinda was caught in the middle of a battle, powerless and by the heat of battle she died.Heartbroken and depressed Mievak killed and enslaved both titans and demons, hoping in vain to somehow ease the pain which was tearing his heart apart. None were to stand his aching wrath. But his untold pain was soon to come to an end, when one day he met an Old God who would end his agony by killing his pain causes, thus wiping his dearest memories leaving but a mere image of his loving wife. Mievak soon came to his senses revealing his true self, a twisted beign, a dark corrupting creature hidden beneath his sturdy bones and soft flesh. Under an innocent look, under a pair of beautiful love-seeking eyes, he is there, ready to torment mortal's souls. He is waiting!
  8. Bardh

    The Mighty Falls

    The White River flows through the main part of Haradon,coming down from the White Mountains in the north, it's importance and the role it played in building the civilization are unquestionable. The White River flows thorugh the fields of Haradon where it make it's "fall" at the border between The Swamps and the Fields creating a few waterfalls,called The Mighty Falls, the name has two concepts, one is for the great waterfalls it creates and the second for this "mighty river" with all it's mightness still falls after the long journey through the fields,the green pastures, farms villages and the main city. Now that a big partition of Haradon is corrupted the river's importance is even greater, considering it's source, the White Mountains one of the few places left untouched by the legion's corruption the river brings a sense and an enviroment of purity and beauty of what's left autochthonous of Haradon
  9. Bardh

    Hidden Town

    Hello Model-Changers, this is a map made by me yesterday, it's not fully finished, but it shows much, it shows a hidden camp, inside a dark forest, couldn't yet name it. Hope you like it. P.S Textures made by hand.
  10. Self explanatory thread. First post is some shots during the day, and I will be posting later using the darker nights patch.
  11. -Systems- Well, there's still a few things to work on elsewhere, but the bulk of what needs to be done falls onto my plate, now. After a long debate over how our death system ought to work, and then scaling back our ideal solution so that it was feasible, we ended up with...exactly what we had last time. Which, while not a perfect system, got the job done. But, then I had the thought to use AIO, a system I spoke about in Update I, to handle player deaths. This is going to allow us to provide a much more pleasant user experience, and exact more control over the death process. When the system is functioning, I will post detailed information about how it will work for you in Northeron. I'm also working on a new way to present the hero class selection. Again, using AIO, we will force the player to decide which class he or she will be, before surrendering control of their character to them. -Web- Realmlist has finished up development of some key website functions. All new player accounts will be locked until the both the email address provided has been verified, and the player has accepted our terms of service. After validating your account, you may accept the Terms of Service on the Account Page to unlock your account in-game. -Map- Building continues across the map, and it's starting to look pretty filled out. Next we will be thinking about where to place our mobs and wildlife in the forests. Shsona has made us some neat art assets to use in-game, and I'd like to reveal, for the first time, a map of Northeron.
  12. -Web- has set us up with his own web system he's developing for WoW servers. It's allowed us to do some really neat things. For instance, did you know that you all already have in-game accounts? Our forum accounts and game accounts are now one in the same. We've also migrated our web hosting to our own server, which is why you had to re-create your accounts. A small hassle upfront, yes. But, the benefits are far worth it. You can expect to see further development of the web systems from Realmlist in the future. -Staff- Most of the staff members you saw in Exodus are still with us, which I am very grateful for. We all work very well together. However I would like to take the time to welcome to the development team, and to say goodbye to Makrura who was an incredibly hard working lobster. Don't fret though, he will be joining you as a player in Northeron. We have however, had to take away his claws. -Eluna- This is not a new development for us. We used an Eluna core last time around. But, this is sort of my area of development, and I've been really trying to push the limits of what I can do this phase. What is Eluna? It's basically the latest and greatest TrinityCore, but with a built in Lua engine that allows me to code our systems, events, and scripts in Lua, rather than C++, which is a much easier language to understand. Beyond just being easy, it allows us to make changes to our scripts and systems, and implement those changes within milliseconds, and without a server restart. Eluna has allowed me to develop custom NPC gossip scripts, teleporters, spawnable items, and more. This time around I have been exploring more of Eluna's capabilities. I've discovered some tools that allow us to utilize WoW's built in addon language to render addon information to the user, without requiring them to patch, or download a new addon file. We've been playing around with some ideas on how to best use this new capability. One of those ideas is an in-character news letter that can be handed out, which is exciting. See the screenshot below for a prototype. -Map- has been hard at work on the map, and doing beautifully I might add. He's made an expansive and original interpretation of Northeron, and yes, I have screenshots to share. I think this map is going to provide a lot of really neat RP opportunities, and for the first time, we'll have not two, but three playable factions in the region. Please keep in mind that the map is not complete. This is what it looks like at the time of posting, but is subject to change. Like anything else, it will be refined over and over again until the final product is ready.
  13. Bardh

    [WIP] Haradon Map

    Still work in progress, just for you to have an idea of what's going on when I post my work for different places.
  14. Version 3.0


    This is my empty world map parchment of ground and ocean, restored from multiple zones of blizzard. This will facilitate the life of those who create own maps I usually use this patterns for my maps of custom zones Added in 3.0: