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Found 8 results

  1. Once you have imported a model and while editing it, you will see exactly how it will look once added to the game, thanks to the addon's automatic generation of materials for blizzlike rendering. Here is a comparison of the same WMO imported with the addon (left) and as an .obj via WMV (right): The addon supports both the internal Blender renderer (soon to become Eevee renderer) and Cycles renderer, with materials generated for the one you import the model in. You can change the renderer and re-generate materials at any time. The addon provides you with a vast array of tools to show, hide, and edit any aspect of the WMO. You can change the existing mesh, create new rooms with portals between them, move doodads around, and light everything up! In addition to manual editing, many tasks can be auto-performed globally, for example ambient lighting: Doodads, too, can be lightmapped manually or auto-aligned to fit the surroundings:
  2. The addon allows you to import any M2 or WMO without conversion: either an extracted one from somewhere on your computer or directly from WoW Model Viewer. In both cases, the addon will do its best to find the required textures, doodads, etc. and import them automatically, unless you tell it otherwise.
  3. So... I finally improved this terrifying flying beast, only to discover that I absolutely do not know how to bring it into game. So... Yeah, i guess i need a little help, if anyone interested. Please?
  4. Hey! I'm editing the GilneasStagecoach.m2 model, which has two meshes and each uses its own texture. It looks normal in Blender, but when I export and convert to m2, the resulting m2 uses the same texture for both meshes. I know it's not a problem with the textures themselves, because changing that one line in 010 editor from Hardcoded to CreatureSkin1 and opening the model in WMV, you can change the texture for both meshes.
  5. Hey! I edited AvengingAngel.m2 in Blender but cannot convert it back to m2, because m2mod crashes with the following errors: It seems to be caused by the original m2 itself, not my edits
  6. Hi guys, I'm making a city have a couple of questions. I'm not sure how to export it all, are there tools that can convert your model into a WMO group. I know mirrormachine would crash with anything over 50k verts so thats out, what else is there? Second, is there any way to script guards and make them leave those locations with red dots on map? Also for the map thing, does it matter if my city is a compact wmo or should I just paint chunks in noggit make it a zone?
  7. Hi there ... So after i started with making 3D models one of mei friends said that is just matter of time until i start making Wow hentain when he saw my precision when making boobies for my characters so here is Kayrean x Xandria ( Blue x Red ) these two are quetly done but sometime i want to upgrade them to animated form And here is my lastest Rothas x Lana i want to animate them as soon as possible Stil under construction
  8. So I thought seeing as I got most the problems with conversion worked out for now... I would turn this thread into a showoff for now on how the progress is going on the model