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Found 8 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    [Patch] Cata till MoP To help other or newbies in the community, i will share my patches whi i collected over moths and years in the community, Prefer to use at Noggit or Modelviewer. You can also find Maps, titlesets, textures ect. Please say it is something missing. Warning/Note: I check up, that nothing is broking. Short: I sorted broken files out. I know, most of the Azeroth special MoP-wmo's are missing, for example the Hobbit-like-hoods! =) Decryption-Key: Link 1: !h64voaMrlnR1_KwRWIv-dihPcVZjvM29uJH2sDhDMXc Link 2: !XyNp7SbJ8f817aQwp4uMw6De_o3Q_f8EapMESRwtv34 Link 3: !82Q_EsfEnRjFgRI66f31bA2o5Pv_iC1JcABuBkIhOnY Link 4: !BRPcuAqbodZ4Xqw7nhbp58JCkkqC_p-GptNUPuCNolc
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Hello and thank you for using Kyrie Eleison's 7.2.5 GameObjects Patch! This patch contains a gameobject entry for every m2 and wmo in the game! All credits go to Kyrie Eleison (Natea) from MundoWarcraft - Please note that using the SQL will delete all gameobject_template entries between 908296 and 999999 so don't overwrite your work Put .db2 file to wow client inside a folder called DBFilesClient and inside server-side too under proper dbc Data folder. Works and tested with TrinityCore 7.2.5 24742 Wow_Patched.exe and Wow-64_Patched.exe (7.2.5 release 24742) with protection removed. Thanks to @Roccus for his root list in this pack
  3. Hey! I am desperately looking for the MoP PTR 17585 patch files, because they contain the cleaned-up Karazhan map, which I really need. Does anyone happen to have them or know where I could get my hands on the files?
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This patch contains a gameobject entry for every m2 and wmo in the game! Tested in Skyfire 5.4.8 version (I don't know if it works in other emulators, maybe with some sql changes) All credits go to Kyrie Eleison from MundoWarcraft - Thanks to @Elrena for your help. He explained me how to make it, time ago
  5. Version 1.0.2


    [Human] House collection Here you can find a bucket of retextured Houses and other Human stuff! Further down you can see the whole patch, what kind of .wmo's you will find in the patch! Please say it, if anything is missing. Leave a like or a comment =) To try it by yourself - look at the file [Human] General colored Human roofs 3 Models, 9 colors! or also [Stormwind] Sliced Stormwind Houses retextured Enjoy it! Decryption-Key: !4hVLkqffpRAhUF1laSzHGMh5swHle13GmsDcxDj0eqk List: Human Wostorys & Farms Human Silos Human Guildhouses Human Barns Human Lumbermills Human Magetowers Human Barracks Human Chapels Human Inns Human Goldmines Human Blacksmiths Human Mills Human Stables A huge Thanks at this point to @Valkryst!
  6. Hey! I wonder if there is an easy way to distribute new .mpq files among the players of a private server. Preferably, without them having to do anything manually. The only way I came up with is using the Dropbox client, and storing WoW inside, but that's really weird and probably won't work. Any ideas?
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Given Arathor's phase of the project finished and I no longer have the need to hold onto this patch, I'm releasing it out here. I'm fine with anyone using the resources from it for their own projects so long as I'm properly credited for the work I poured into it. The patch itself is a wee bit rushed and clunky (eg. custom items aren't new items but replaced unused items and other similar quirks), but it works. You can find a handful of screenshots in this project entry, can easily get more ingame or in noggit. Enjoy!
  8. Hey! I had the simplest job possible: replace music in Undercity with, lets say, Stormwind music. So I copied the music into the right folder and renamed, supposing that it would replace the original Undercity music. When I compiled the patch and opened the game, however, nothig changed and Undercity still had that creepy undead music. Why?