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Found 4 results

  1. Version 2.0


    Hiya, Just a simple folder that contains all the tilesets used until BFA. Place the folder into a custom patch and they are ready to be used inside noggit. Happy Modding, Poisonleaf
  2. Hello I recently downloaded the updated character models for wotlk, really enjoying them, but I wondered if it was possible to use the nude texture mod I had, that's intended for retail. So I downloaded an editor and loaded the files in to a MPQ, to try and see if I could get them working ingame. But I just ended up with green textures on the body. So I browsed the internet in search of an answer. Found out that you needed to change the texture files to an indexed format, for them to work. So I did, But now the game just crashes and gives me a wow error, if I try running the game with the MPQ loaded. Hope you people here might have some knowledge too enlighten me abit. Here is a link to the mod if thats any help.
  3. I have been messing around with wow modding for awhile now, and one thing I have enjoyed doing, was porting models and textures over to other game engines (Unreal 4). I have shared some screens and videos in the past of this, though, the majority of what I did was not seen by others, and kept on my computer. That is about to change though as I have a project that I absolutely want to accomplish / do, and, I am gonna be sharing everything that I make or show with all of you as I go along. This project is also to challenge myself as well as to be a learning tool for Substance, UE4, and Blender. The concept of the project is actually really simple, I want to make my own game world within the UE4 engine with a Wow type look and feel from scratch. Now I am not talking doing coding and such and making a game out of it. I am talking assets/models and textures, mainly the game enviorment. I don't want to use the wow models, but instead, make my own (including textures), that way I can also share everything with all of you without worry of breaking any copyrights, as well as learn a thing or two :). I will have a roadmap of sorts and also all the links to the downloads of the stuff I make here on this post for people to use but also give feedback on so I can improve my skills as I go along, and, to give something back to the people of this community, for all the stuff they have given to others over the years. You can do as you wish with all the textures and models I post here for download, except for one specific thing, you may not redistribute them saying that you made said model or said texture. I don't need any credit or a link to anything if you don't feel like it, just don't take credit for the creations when you didn't make them is all I am saying. Other then that, you can do whatever, and, anything you make with the models and textures is yours and yours alone. I would like to see what you make with the stuff though (just too see it in action and whatnot hehee). First thing I am gonna start with is the landscape/terrain textures, below is the road map of what I plan on creating to start off with. As I complete each set I will update this post with a Download Link for you all to grab them. All textures will be 2048x2048 and tileable, If you plan on using these in your wow modding project, I don't know what Wow has set for its max resolution, but, you can use gimp to scale the image down to 1024x1024, or I might just ad that resolution to the download. Without further ado, here is the road map for the terrain. If you see anything that I might have missed feel free to send me a message so I can add it to the road map. Textures: Ground: Dirt: 1. Smooth 2. Cracked 3. Mud 4. Debris (variations for each, Twigs, Leaves, Twigs and Leaves combined) Rock 1. Rockface Smooth 2. Rockface Edgy 3. Cliff 4. Pebbles 5. Moss (variations for each) Grass 1. Regular 2. Dead 3. Highlight 4. Color (variations of each for detailing / tiling breakup) Sand 1. Beach 2. Beach Bebris (Seashells, Rotted Wood, others?) 3. Riverbed 4. Riverbed Debris (Stones, Moss, others?) 5. Rockface Sand Detailing 1. Flowers 2. Leaves 3. Snow
  4. Hello! I'm sorry if this is obvious to some or that this has a easy fix. I have never worked with .wmo files and when I try to convert them they become green. I have checked all textures and that don't seems to be the problem. Can it be ParticleColor or something like that?