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Found 7 results

  1. Version 10


    This pack contains all tools I'm frequently using and some I used to use. There are also some tools Alastor has recommended to me for M2 edits, I haven't even tested a lot of them in fact. You can also find there a backup of blizzlike DBCs and so on, its meant to be a noob-friendly toolpack which I'm sharing here for beginners. If you are following my english YT channel, this is a toolpack I will be using there. Overview video: My Eng YT channel HERE
  2. Version 3.2614


    The currently premier map editor for World of Warcraft in version 3.3.5a Noggit supports editing of terrain, water, doodad and map object spawning, vertex coloring and much more. New in this release: Updated UI (now using QT framework) Vertex manipulation tool Updated water editing tools Increased performance Integrated settings Official Twitter page (commit history and more)
  3. Version 1.0.0


    I have recently came across a really useful resource created by merfed. Basically it contains almost all the tools that exist in WoW modding scene so far, so you can quickly get them. There are also a bunch of various tutorials and guides there. The description by merfed:
  4. Hello, Model Changing community. Since a few weeks ago many people started experiencing weird problems with most cmd-based software that is used in WoW modding. The issue only appears for Windows 10 users who updated their systems up to KB3116908 update. The cause of the problem is cygwin1.dll located in the folder along with the tool. It is outdated and is no longer relevant to new Windows standarts, so please download it from here and replace. I will replace the DLLs in WoWDevKit soon. For people encountering this bug in the future: If one of your tools creates multiple processes on launch until your PC freezes and goes out of memory, try doing what I said here. Big thanks to Cromon and everyone else who helped out figuring out this issue. Big shame on Microsoft Support for sending me to check my system for viruses and doing System File Scan. Happy modding, everyone.
  5. This is frustrating as all hell! There are so few vanilla / classic / 1.12.1 WoW Modding tutorials and tools that actually work and are not 'link-dead' in the first place. I have found scores and scores of tools for 3.3.5 and up but ~95% of them all crash and or corrupt vanilla files! I can't find enough of the damned vanilla tools to do anything but add small changes -AHH!! I want to do do big changes and modifications that are not non-player character clones or item display dupes with small changes and other small scale modifications! I have had to 'mickey mouse' / non-orthodoxically combine so many half-working tools together in order to get something that works that I am surprised that any people mod vanilla at all :-(. Does anyone know where the vanilla compatible tools are that actually work? Is there a forum or a website or place -somewhere- that has vanilla tools and methods and tutorials that are compatible with vanilla's quirks and iterations? If I can somehow get enough damned tools to work for vanilla for big scale modding work I could make a big 'Vanilla Tools that Work and How to Use Them' Page so that vanilla modders could have a resource hub to 'build' from and could stop pulling their hair out trying to make non-vanilla compatible 3.3.5a tools and tutorials work for their vanilla 1.12.1 projects!
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Hey Community! I check out my tool files and found something usefull things who are not here on this page. Hope you can need them! The following files include:wmo-converter-rebuild_003_distro wmo-converter-rebuild_004_distro wmo-converter-rebuild_005_distro -> .wmos from WoD -> TBC PTNG_WoD_Map_ADT_DownPorter_Tool Greets
  7. Hiho :3 The last few days i worked on two libraries which will (hopefully) result in some really nice modding tools. Huge thanks to Cromon and schlumpf who answered my questions! AdtLib335 This library can read and save your adt files for WoW 3.3.5. Current status: Reading is working and i tested it on many adt files. Saving is not yet implemented and will come later. WdtLib335 This library can read and save your wdt files for WoW 3.3.5. Current status: Reading is working and i tested it on many wdt files. Saving is not yet implemented and will come later. I also uploaded a minimal demo application. I actually wanted to write a newer Fileinfo/Loadinfo tool, but i'm way too lazy for that. If you can find any bugs, please report them! You can find the libraries in this repository: They're written in VB.Net, you can easily implement them in your .Net applications. Have a nice day!