Hey! I try make this guide for you can make you CDN with custom files for 7.3.5 Legion (u other versión). Before I’m sorry for my english level and I hope it can understand you. The first step is download CDN Blizzlike files. Here I share us the CDN Blizzlike files for 7.3.5 26972 (I'm not allowed to share it. When i have time i upload my CDN Files) You must download this files in you server, it can be Linux or Windows, i used Ubuntu server 17. You can use this command in Ubuntu for download from Google Drive: wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/circulosmeos/gdown.pl/master/gdown.pl chmod +x gdown.pl perl gdown.pl “name of file” Now you must unrar the file in your webhosting app. It can be htdocs or /var/www in case of Linux. If you haven’t Apache installed, you must do it (sudo apt install apache2). You can change the root path of apache2 (cd /etc/apache2 and nano apache2.conf or conf file in some folder) You must have tpr and wow folder of CDN Files you downloaded in root path of apache2 (example: /var/www/tpr and /var/www/wow) You can configure one domain for point your ip. Now you must download CASCHost, you can follow the next guide: https://model-changing.net/tutorials/article/120-beginners-guide-to-caschost/ But in this guide, you must modify appsettings.json with “Staticmode: True” And you must download this .build.info= https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kAzKbwHaVq76BkWHRHjNVZODHqTOvM6G/view?usp=sharing After you must modify and change localhost for your domain, you can have more domains. Example: localhost for try.com localhost 2 for try2.com, etc. If you have other CDN Files or versión, you must change the Keys CDN,Build, etc from .build.info and save. You must put the .build.info in your CASCHost/CASCHost/wwwroot/SystemFiles and your custom files in CASCHost/CASCHost/wwwroot/Data/custom files with blizzlike path. Example: Data/Character/Orc/Male/Orcmale.m2) You must have access to your database as said here: https://model-changing.net/tutorials/article/120-beginners-guide-to-caschost/ After you must go to your CASCHost/CASCHost and you do (dotnet run) When it finish, you copy your custom files from CASCHost/CASCHost/wwwroot/Output to CDN Files webhosting. Tpr and wow folder of CASCHost to tpr and wow of CDN Files in Apache2. You never must delete your database. After you modify your Wow.exe and change the url for your domain.com/wow/cdns and domain.com/wow/versions as said in the other guide. If you have problems, you can ask help you in discord or MC. Enjoy!!!!   If somebody want share the CDN files and versions for 8.1 or 8.2, much better!! Thanks to Kallar, Senix and all Model-changing.