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Adding custom files to a cdn


Tutorial that shows how to add custom files to your own cdn


This tutorial is meant to be a guideline how to use TactAdder. It requieres you to have a local cdn set up. If you dont here is a Tutorial on how todo so:

What is TactAdder
It is my very own implemenation of the TactNet Library. This lib allows to acces and modify a cdn in various ways. This tool is design to Add/Overwrite files in your local cdn. Be warned. This Programm is in a testing stage so bugs may occur.

Where do I get TactAdder
As of now the only way to get it is to compile it yourself. You can get the sources in this Repo:


  1. Compile from source
  2. Run in empty folder
  3. Insert listfile ( , - seperated) - You can get it from
  4. Open Appsettings.json and make own adjustments
  5. Put Files in dataFolderPath in Blizzlike structure (e.g. interface/gluexml/accountlogin.xml)
  6. Run again
  7. Profit


    Q: Does the Mysql-Part work allready?
    A: No but its beeing worked on.

    Q: Doe sit host files for me?
    A: No you need to host the files on a seperate way. Like a simple webserver for 7.3.5 cdns.

    Q: Why not use Caschost?
    A: There are several reasons.
          1. I beleve in seperation of tasks. A Programm that generates cdn files should not host these and other way round.
          2. Caschost does not populate the downlaodfile which will significantly increase client crashes because files can only be downloaded on demand.
          3. To achive the same thing as the Adder does you need to run Caschost in static mode.
              While the static mode of CascHost can take alot of time the Adder is alot faster.

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