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Super simple guide for adding spells to your classes


So I will keep this very very brief for you, but this is a great way for someone who doesn't have a ton of experience modifying 16 different DBC's to add new spells to a class they want to.

Things you will need: 


HeidiSQL - any SQL program would probably work but this one is the most simple to use.

Go to Spell Learn Spell Database in the SQL. 


Here you will see a short list of spellsimage.thumb.png.ba5bf3132c7e414a6de19247688a6417.png


The way this works is these spells learned under entry, will auto trigger you to learn the additional spells under spell ID. This was made for professions and other random things, but this is a really great way to add new spells to your class.



The way I did it is I tied the spells I wanted to learn under the Plate Mail spell, which is spell ID 750, you can do it with any spell, just check the trainer to see what spell you know people will learn, you can also make the cost free just to make it easier by going to the trainer spells database.


Entry = the spell ID that you have learned that will trigger the auto spell learns

Spell ID = The spells you are wanting to add to whatever class you are trying to create or alter

Active = if it shows in your spell book, 1 for yes, 0 for no.



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Nobody thanked you for that ? I'm shocked ! 


In the name of all this community, Thank you Sir.

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