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How to change starting area location (Easy going)


I will show you, how you can change the start teleportation point of your player characters. Its very useful for your custom map. Its just a really basic thing - but also good for greenhorns/newbies and so on

- What you need
- Step 1 till 3

What you need:

- a WoW 3.3.5a Trinity Server
- your World of Warcraft _world-Database
For Custom port-points:
- Noggit for a Custom map
- Your builded patch

Step 1:
Go ingame to a nice area, there you want your players to start up. When you found your place - press ingame the Admintask ".gps" to get the coordinates. 

Note: You get also the sightvew (orientation)

Step 2:
Go to your world-database -> table: playercreatinfo. So you can see now the single locations of each race. Insert you coordinates to the single collums.

Step 3:
Save your work and restart the world. (.server restart 1) and try it =) 




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