Enable X race X class Cata(+?)


A short guide to help you enable any class race combo

Hi, this is a tutorial I made because of the lacking info and general stagnation in this modding area post WotLK. I still haven't set up a MoP, WoD or Legion client so not sure but I'm thinking the process should be the same or similar. I'm not aware of any all race all class patches around other then 335a ones, so if anyone tries this at higher branches let me know if it worked.


So in 4.3.4. you still need to change only these 2 DBCs:


We'll be using WDBX Editor for both, CharBaseInfo.dbc - 'load definition' choose WoD and use the wiki for values.

In CharStartOutfit.dbc you have race,class,sex and starter gear item IDs, just double check files after WDBX save not sure but I think I had to resave changes twice there.


After you're done with DBCs you need to change the SQLs so start up your MySQL server and open your preferred tool Heidi/SQLyog/workbench then go world-table. Change these tables:


Note on player_levelstats it could possibly already have your custom race-class characters inside, so browse thru its table data and make sure. I'm noting this bc the other day while I was setting all this up and creating my first custom class/race I kept getting the SQL error duplicate key and all the time my character actually had its stats there but they can be arranged really weird. Like my char had stats from level 10 to 85(missing first 9 levels that I've added), or the level 80-85 stats are placed way back at the end.

There are more playercreate.. tables my character didn't need editing those(UD pala), but if you're making a hunter or other classes browse them all.


Once you done that, all that is left is packing your 2 DBCs in a MPQ making a patch and adding it to wow/data/.. Name it appropriately like wow-update-base-28792.mpq something, restart your server and check it out. Then maybe you'll be able to make your second class peasant gorlock mud splasher characters. That can never be glorious like my UD pala Champion of the hack https://gyazo.com/8913bbf09f12bb16a3333dee8acc9d3c first X class-race combo that the universe has seen since WotLK, finished creating him yesterday he was the test bunny :P

*on a much brighter note I haven't done too much testing with him but seems he's really not having any problems like the WotLK hacked characters language,talents,spells etc. probably due to Cata enabling new race class combos by default so maybe its set to work better then WotLK in that regard.

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Is it possible to add new race from scratch? Like a human race to horde while i i keep the original human race at the alliance?

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That is also something that was done exclusively on trinity 335a, I want to enable it on Cata as well. For your plan I'm guessing the procedure would go something like, enabling a non-player race such as tuskar, vrykul or other then changing all of its graphic animation spells everything to human. 

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2 hours ago, Skarn said:

Have you tried using WDBX editor for this purpose instead of 010?

Yes, but now I actually opened it and tried again with different readers and the WOD one was reading charbaseinfo too, nice Skarn gonna edit tutorial... no more 'hackiness' lol

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